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Conductive Particle Filled Silicone

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Our E Shielding gaskets are constructed from silicone containing metal powder fillers which combine to produce high levels of attenuation with excellent environmental shielding and a high level of conductivity. Many types of filler, from nickel graphite to pure silver, are available to suit a wide range of applications. There are also Fluorosilicone variants for use in the presence of hydrocarbon EXSHIELD | Conductive Silicone The Conductive Silicone Range was originally developed for high performance shielding mainly for military applications. However, the introduction of lower cost fillers has now made them accessible to the commercial sector. They are used where environmental and EMI screening is required but space constraints or stringent environmental protection necessitates a small cross section profile, often fitted into a Conductively loaded silicone is best used where mating surfaces are smooth and well machined. They should be mounted to provide adequate volume for the material to deflect under pressure and should be compressed by between 8 and 20% of their relaxed height for solid sections and between 20 and 100% of the height of the hollow centre for tubular sections. Moulded '0' rings, gasket profiles and sheet materials all have their own compression characteristics according to how they are mounted and do not comply with the guidelines above. Test Method Nickel Graphite Silver Glass Silver Aluminium Silver Copper Silver Carbon

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EXSHIELD | Conductive Silicone For conductively loaded silicone extrusions, a round or D section profile, fitted into a correctly dimensioned groove or channel will provide the most effective sealing and shielding performance. Fixing with any form of conductive adhesive is not recommend as this is likely to have an adverse effect on the environmental sealing. Standard sizes can be specified from the table below. Alternatively please provide a drawing of the profile required indicating series and filler. ECR=Flame Retardant* •Nickel Graphite Only FILLER CODE Q=Nickel Graphite G=Silver Glass...

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Conductive Silicone PART NUMBER PART NUMBER PART NUMBER PART NUMBER Sprlngwood Industrial Estate

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EXSHIELD | Conductive Silicone ES Shielding is conductively loaded silicone which is produced in sheet form or as die-cut flat gaskets. Specify: Series - Filler code - and Drawing Number or Size ESR=Flame Retardant Silicone FILLER CODE Q=Nickel Graphite G=Silver Glass J=Silver Aluminium H=Silver Copper DRAWING NUMBER /SIZE Springwood Industrial Estate

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