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Conductive Fabric Wrapped Gaskets

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MW Shielding fabric wrapped screening profiles utilise a highly conductive and durable impregnated fabric formed around a sponge or foam core to create a very versatile low compression gasket. MET WE AVE Woven Fabric Gaskets Conductive or'Metweave'fabric covered profiles are particularly suitable for fixed-gasket applications within the computer or telecom- munications manufacturing sectors as they are easily trimmed to size, are self-terminating and provide excellent dust and moisture protec- tion coupled with a high degree of EMI shielding. Conductive Metweave fabric is available in strip form or as ready to fit pre-formed or jointed gaskets. The standard materials have a self-adhesive backing and can be quickly and easily fixed in position. Corner joints can be mitred or butt-jointed according to cross-section without the need to bond or seal the cut ends against fraying. All metweave fabric is rip-stop unless otherwise specified. Open and closed-cell foam and sponge rubber cores are available (polyurethane & EPDM).The fabric can also be applied around rubber tube profiles. Surface resistivity: Abrasion resistance: Temperature range: Specify: Series - Fabric - Filler (core) - Shape - Size - Length - Finish For finished gaskets please provide a detailed drawing. MW-CN-PU-11 -0500-0500-S/A is Metweave with polyurethane foam core, 5x5 mm D-Section with self-adhesive. MW-CN-EP-70-0100-0030-N/A is Metweave with EPDM Sponge core, 10 x 3 mm rectangular section without adhesive. Springwood Industrial Estate FILLER (CORE) EP=EPDM Sponge

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METWEAVE Woven Fabric Gaskets PART NUMBER PART NUMBER PART NUMBER PART NUMBER PART NUMBER PART NUMBER PART NUMBER DOUBLE D-SHAPE WIDTH MM HEIGHT mm PART NUMBER Minimum order quantities may apply as not all profiles are stock parts - please contact us for more details. Springwood Industrial Estate

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METWEAVE | Conductive Fabric MF Shielding is a range of highly conductive metallised fabrics. They consist of a base material of nylon coated with nickel/copper. The fabrics have excellent conductivity in all directions and exhibit outstanding shielding effectiveness. They are very flexible and are ideal for wrapping around core material or for die stamping.The fabric has good abrasion resistance of in excess of 500,000 cycles and is fire retardant to UL94 V0. Various adhesive options are available, including a hot melt or a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side or it can be supplied...

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Our MS Shielding is a conductive polyurethane sponge with a conductive fabric bonded to each face. It is available in a range of thicknesses and can be supplied with or without a conductive adhesive on one face. The material is highly conductive in all planes (X,Y&Zaxis) with a typical resistance of < 1.000. The material is easily die-cut and is ideal for connector gaskets or where a gap needs to be filled without high compression. Specify: Series - Part Number/Thickness - Size/Drawing Number - Finish MS=Conductive Sponge PART NUMBER N/A=No Adhesive MS-1035-5000-5000-S/A is conductive...

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