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A66-B32-GammaVision-32-Gamma-Spectrum-Analysis-Software - 8 Pages

GammaVision®-32 V6.08
Gamma Spectrum Analysis Software
• Comprehensive Gamma Spectrum Analysis for HPGe detector spectra.
• Integrated control of spectroscopy hardware.
• “Highly Automated” and “Highly Interactive” modes of operation.
• Identification and quantification of nuclide activities by adaptable methods.
• Wide array of spectral correction tools.
• Extensive use of Wizards to simplify setup and calibration.
• Flexible reporting to meet local requirements.
• Results database to facilitate LIMS integration.
• Comprehensive QA features.
• Methods compliant with latest international standards.
• Multi-Language support.
• Support for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.
ORTEC GammaVision-32 Gamma Spectrum Analysis Software is a comprehensive, all-in-one
package, for the analysis of gamma-ray spectra acquired with HPGe detectors. It represents
over 25 years of evolutionary development by ORTEC scientists. Hardware control, advanced
MCA display, and a suite of data analysis algorithms are integrated into one complete
package. GammaVision-32 is broadly applicable to gamma spectroscopy applications. A high
degree of sample automation is possible for busy counting rooms and an array of corrections
is provided to deal with sample, nuclide and spectrum-related effects. The methods employed
are compliant with recognized national and international standards such as ANSI/ISO/ASQ
9001:2000, ASME/NQA-1-1989, and ASME/NQA-2a-1990 and ISO/DIS 11929. In addition to
automation, interactive analysis tools aid the expert spectroscopist.

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    Main Graphical User Interface• Intuitive “Smart” MCA features with live display of acquiringdata.• Simultaneous display of up to...
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    3GammaVision®-32 V6.08Gamma Spectrum Analysis SoftwareA choice of five different analysis approaches (described below) is provided to deal with different...
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    ENV32 is a similar approach to GAM32. It starts with a second difference peak search, removing nuclides from further analysiswhich, although present in...
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    The nuclide library database includes the nuclide name, half-life, half-lifeuncertainty, and nuclide category flags (e.g., fission product, thermal neutronactivation...
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    6The GammaVision-32 ReportsThe product can only be as good as the output report. Standard GammaVision-32 reports are:• Flexible with user’s...
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