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Hollow Rotary Actuators DG2-AZ Series - 40 Pages

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Hollow Rotary Actuators DG2-AZ Series
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Catalogue excerpts

Hollow Rotary Actuators DG iSeries With Built-in AZ Series Battery-Free Absolute Sensor

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Hollow Rotary Actuators With Built-in AZ Series Battery-Free Absolute Sensor The DG Series integrated hollow rotary tables and stepper motor product lineup now includes models with built-in AZ Series products. The battery-free absolute system positioning contributes to improved productivity and cost reduction. Presetting just once the home position and there is no need for repeatedly referencing.

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Hollow Rotary Actuators ► Page 4-5 •Simplified Design through Integrated Actuator and Motor Products •Hollow Output Table: Maximum Diameter 100 mm •Maximum Permissible Torque: 50 N-m •Maximum Permissible Axial Load: 4000 N •Repetitive Positioning Accuracy: ±15 arc seconds (±0.004°) •Uses Patented ABZO Sensor Mechanical Multi-Turn Absolute Sensor    Connection and

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Hollow Rotary Actuator Characteristics The DG Series is a line of integrated products that combines a hollow rotary table with a stepper motor. The actuator has an internal speed reduction mechanism (gear ratio 18), which makes high power driving possible. Features A cross-roller bearing is used on the output table, which allows for both high load and high rigidity. Output Table Cross-Roller Bearing component drives Gear Hollow Output Table (Uses cross-roller bearing) Pinion Motor Simplified Design High Positioning Accuracy with Non-Backlash Tables and arms can be installed directly onto the output...

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Product Name Power-Supply Input Load Mass Overhang Distance Installation Direction High Load and High Rigidity The standard type uses a cross-roller bearing on the output table bearing, which allows for both high load and high rigidity. • Maximum Permissible Axial Load 4000 N • Maximum Permissible Moment 100 N-m <Example Operation> DGM200R-AZAC 230 VAC 91 kg (6 load pieces + table) Load 10 kg/piece x 6 pieces Table 31 kg (Diameter 500 mm, thickness 20 mm, iron) 160 mm Horizontal • High Rigidity [Load Moment] When a 10 kg load is placed 160 mm from the center of the table, the moment is 15.7 N-m. 10...

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Simple Home Position Setting and Returnto-Home Thanks to Absolute System The patented , a newly developed small mechanical multi-turn absolute sensor. Contributes to improved productivity and cost reduction. No Home Sensor Required Because it is an absolute system, no home sensor is required. Battery-free Built-in multiple rotation absolute sensor ABZO Sensor High-Speed Return-to-Home Operation Because return-to-home is possible without using a home sensor, return-to-home can be performed at high speed without taking the specifications for sensor sensitivity into Reduced Cost account, allowing...

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| Battery-Free No battery is required because it is a mechanical-type sensor. Because positioning information is managed mechanically by the ABZO sensor, the positioning information can be preserved, even if the power turns off, or if the cable between the motor and the driver is disconnected. Reduced Maintenance Because there's no battery that needs replacing, maintenance time and costs can be reduced. Unlimited Driver Installation Possibilities Because there is no need to secure space for battery replacement, there are no restrictions on the installation location of the driver, improving the...

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High reliability is provided by using stepper motor and driver packages that employ a control method unique to Oriental Motor, which combines the merits of both open loop control and closed loop control. Product Name Power-Supply Input Load Mass Installation Direction Traveling Amount Quick Positioning through Agile Responsiveness With stepper motors, short distance positioning is carried out in a short period of time. Stepper motors are operated synchronously with pulse commands, and while they are compact, they still generate high torque and offer excellent acceleration performance and response. Actual...

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Applications & Uses Applications that Require High Rigidity ● Applications in which a Moment Load is Applied (Ceiling mounted) Applications that Require High Performance Motors ● High Positioning Accuracy Applications (Image inspection equipment) ● Applications with Load Fluctuations (Disc manufacturing equipment) Installation Direction Example Use of Simple Sequence Function (Built-in Controller Type) In addition to horizontal installation, the DG Series can also be ceilingmounted or wall-mounted, expanding the possibilities of equipment design. The built-in controller type can simplify sequence...

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2 Driver Types Selectable to Match System Configuration Two types of DG Series drivers are available, depending on the master control system in use. Pulse Input Type Built-In Controller Type ● When Controlling with I/O No Need for Positioning Unit I/O ● When Controlling from Computer or Touchscreen ● When Controlling with Serial Communication Power Supply CPU Serial Communication Unit ● When Controlling with FA Network Power CPU Supply Power Supply Positioning Unit Pulse Input Network Converter (sold separately) With this type, the operating data is set in the driver, which can then be selected...

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Product Rotary Actuator Frame Size Power Supply Input Permissible Torque [N-m] Permissible Moment [N-m] Permissible Axial Load Lost Motion [arcmin] Backlash [arcmin] Angular Transmission Accuracy [arcmin] Repetitive Positioning Accuracy [arcsec] Hollow rotary actuator DGII Series Others Introduction of line up Products equipped with stepper motor unit AR Series equipped with rotor position detection sensor (resolver) are also available. Please choose according to your purpose. On-Board Motor Series

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• Hollow Rotary Actuators Specifications • Either A (single shaft) or M (electromagnetic brake) indicating the configuration is entered where the box □ is located within the product name. • Either C (single-phase 200-240 VAC) or K (24/48 VDC) indicating the power supply input is entered where the box ■! is located within the product name. ❖ 1 The brackets [ ] indicate the specifications for the electromagnetic brake type. ©Type of Output Table Supporting Bearing This is the type of the bearing used for the output table. ©Inertial Moment This is the total sum of the rotor inertial moment of the...

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