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OP710 Multichannel Optical Power Meter - 1 Pages

Multichannel Optical Power Meter
The OP710 offers an economical approach for optical power
measurement applications where multiple channels are needed.
Unlike other systems this instrument is built up with individual
power meters allowing for unparalleled simultaneous data acquisition
over all channels.
The OP710 is available starting at 8 up to 24 channels and can
be configured for a variety of detector and connector interfaces.
With the rack mount option multiple instruments can be combined
and configured for even higher channel count.
Multichannel Optical Power Meter
High precision fiber optic power measurement
• Up to 24 channels of precision optical power measurement,
• +10dBm..-80dBm measurement range, 840nm ... 1700nm wavelength range.
• Great measurement resolution of 0.001 dB
• Tight linearity specifications: +/- 0.05dB
High speed parallel data acquisition
• Selectable sampling rate by OPL7 application from:
• 1 sample/sec ... 10 samples/sec
Integrated ambient temperature tracking
• The OP710 measures the ambient temperature between -10 ¢ªC and +55 ¢ªC with a resolution of 0.1 ¢ªC.
USB powered, plug and play data acquisition
• The OP710 supports data rates up to 0.2MB/s with the appropriate drivers.
sales@optotes t.com
engineering@optotes t.com
OptoTest Corp.
4750 Calle Quetzal
Camarillo,CA 93012
OP710-CC-IN OP710-CC-IN1
Detail Specifications
Specifications are subject to change, please confirm specific per formance characteristics of the product at the time of ordering.
All specifications are valid within temperature range of 18º C to 24ºC unless other wise noted.
1) NIST traceable calibration at -10dBm power level.
2) Linearity for loss <5dB and absolute power within 0 dBm to -65dBm.
3) Linearity for +3dBm to 0dBm, and -65dBm to 72dBm.
CC = number of channels
Individual Channels (other counts available) 4 to 24 4 to 24
Measurement Range +3dBm..-80dBm +10dBm..-80dBm
Wavelength Range 830nm ..1700nm (InGa As detector)
Selectable Wavelength Standard: 850/980/1300/1310/1480/1550nm 1)
Measurement Resolution (Display) 0.01dBm (absolute) 0.001dB(relative)
Measurement Linearity, Relative Accuracy 0.05dB 2) 0.05dB 2) 0.1dB 3)
Data Inter face USB 1.1 (or later) compatible data rate and interconnect
Operating Temperature Range 0 ¢ªC to 50 ¢ªC (32 ¢ª F to 122 ¢ª F)
Mechanical Dimension 19” Rack Standard (16.8 x 3.8 x 10”)
Optical Inter face fixed ST, FC or SC 5/8” adapter (FC/PC included)
Power Supply Universal AC input: 90VAC to 264VAC, 43Hz.. 63Hz
Model OP710 Multichannel Optical Power Meter

OP710 Multichannel Optical Power Meter
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