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Switch off power supply and connect the cable of remote monitor tothe connector of main sensor. After confirming that cable will not be
pulled out from the connector, switch on power supply. >

Exclusive for SHP series


(remote monitor) remote monitor main sensor


˔ We appreciate you purchase our products. Please confirm the items to meet your need. ˔ Before the use, you should first thoroughly read this manual and operate correctly as mentioned. ˔ You should keep this manual at hand for proper use.

ʂ Warnings

Be sure toswitch offpower whenwiring. ɾ Switch off power supply of main sensor when setting remote monitor. It will cause unexpected accidents. >
Maximum extension 15m ˞ ˞ With four optional accessories of extension cable CVS-C3S (3m) >

1 Parts name

SHP-M1(remote monitor) SHP-M1(remote monitor)

supply voltage DC 12 ʙ 24 V y ( supply from main sensor ) y y current consumption max 100 mA ( 12 V ) y max y 50 mA ( 24 V ) y y ambient temp 40 ن ambient humid 35 85 ً / RH material ABS/PMMA protection category IP67 weight about 190g This item receive power from main sensor, do use the power supply of enough electric capacity. >
connector cable ɿ connect to main sensor ԋ For more information, questions and comments Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any obligations on the part of manufacture. regarding products,please contact us below. Website : http// 2005.12 0554881 size="-5">

SHP Sensor
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