Displacement sensor CD1, CD3, CD4, CD5, CD33 series Catalog - 22 Pages

Displacement Sensor
CD Series_
High Performance Multi Head Laser Displacement Sensor
CD5 series
Laser Displacement Sensor
CD4 series CD4L-25 series
Laser Displacement Sensor : CMOS system
CD33 series
Laser Displacement Sensor : CMOS system
CD3 series
Laser Displacement Sensor : PSD system
CD1 series
CD4 series
CD1 series
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№ U
CD3 series
CD33 series
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
9 Specifications and technical information not mentioned here are written in Operation Manual. Or visit our website for details. 0 All the warnings and cautions to know prior to use are given in Operation Manual.
World's largest variety of displacement sensors designed in compact dimensions and convenience for PC communication.
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Displacement sensor CD1, CD3, CD4, CD5, CD33 series Catalog
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    CDSERIESUNEUP CD33 series 1CD5 series Sensor head resolution Fast Other measuring range (mm) light source ...
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    CD5 Introduction CD5series SENSORHEAD VARIATION CD3 World's longest sensing distance of 2 meter with fine linearity of ±0.1%...
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    CD5 Sensorhead CD5 Sensorhead CD5SENSORHEADS cd5 The CD5 series uses OPTEX FA's original design cutting edge technology to achieve...
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    CD5 Controllers CD5 Controllers CD5CONTROLLERS CD5 CD5 19 Multiple interface for PC, PLC, etc. CD33 CD1 ...
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    CD5 series CD5 series SYSTEM PART NUMBERS Sensorhead Controller Short range : 30 ±5mm Specular type : 25 ±1...
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