CD5 high accuracy high performance multi head displacement sensor - 14 Pages

igh performance multi hea laser displacement sensor
Top level of resolution and linearity in the class
Multiple calculation with result of 3 head
Head can measure without controller Pattern pending
2000mm measurement distance
Sensor Head
CD5-L25 CD5-LW25 CD5-30 CD5-W30
CD5-W350 CD5-W5O0
B + C I C A L
Top level of stability
Check with your own eyes
the Laser Displacement Sensor
CD5 high accuracy high performance multi head displacement sensor
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    F R The CD5 Series Laser Displacement Sensors from Optex-FA have achieved a balance between High Resolution, High Stability and High Functionality...
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    F H ■ For transparent and specular objects CD5-L25 Narrow spot CD5-LW25 Wide spot Specular type Measurement of glass thickness...
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    □PTEX F R Optex-FA's newly developed "Tri-CORE" technology. We have successfully achieved the development of our new sensing...
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    F R The CD5 series uses Optex original design cutting edge technology to achieve high accuracy measurement High sensitivity linear image...
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    □PTEX F R Fast and Easy SETUP The controller has a large display for easy viewing and 10 key input panel for simple adjustment. ...
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