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Ultraviolet (UV) Metal Can LED - 7 Pages

Ultraviolet (UV) Metal Can LED OUE8A Series


Peak Wavelengths from 380 nm to 425 nm Uniform Optical Light Pattern High Pulse Current Hermetic TO-46 Metal Can Package RoHs CompliantNo Mercury ESD Protected

The OUE8A Series offers an energy-efficient hermetic TO-46 metal can packaged UV LED source providing a uniform optical light pattern, high current pulse capability, ESD protection and a long operating lifespan. Devices have a 18


typical emission angle with peak wavelengths from 375 nm to 425 nm. In order to meet critical wavelength requirements of the industry, the OUE8A Series is divided into groups each with a total wavelength range of only 5 nm. Each wavelength range is subdivided into optical power output ranges from a minimum of 1.8 mW to over 17.0 mW based on power out specifications listed below.


Adhesive-Ink Photo Catalyst Curing Currency / Passport Validation Spectroscopy Forensic Medical >

Part Number Emission Angle Peak Wavelength (nm) I Optical Power Output (mW) I


= 100 mA


= 100 mA

Range Minimum Maximum OUE8A380Y1 375 to 380 1.8 8.1 OUE8A385Y1 380 to 385 1.8 8.1 OUE8A390Y1 385 to 390 1.8 8.1 OUE8A395Y1 390 to 395 3.1 9.8 OUE8A400Y1 18 395 to 400 5.8 13.4 OUE8A405Y1 400 to 405 5.8 13.4 OUE8A410Y1 405 to 410 5.8 13.4 OUE8A415Y1 410 to 415 7.3 15.4 OUE8A420Y1 415 to 420 7.3 15.4 OUE8A425Y1 420 to 425 7.3 15.4 >

Part Number Guide


Optek UV TO-46 LED Series Packaging 1 ז Tray Pack Power Output (mW) - A through J Sequence Numbers (AZ) Wavelength (nm) Identifier >

ESD Level 8,000 V

Warnings and Handling Instructions

UV-LEDs emit invisible ultraviolet radiation when in operation, which may be harmful to eyes or skin, even for brief periods. Do NOT look directly into the UV-LED during operation. Be sure that you and all persons in the vicinity wear adequate UVӔ Safety protection for eyes and skin. If you incorporate a UV-LED into a product, be sure to provide appropriate WARNING labels.


OPTEK reserves the right to make changes at any time in order to improve design and to supply the best product possible. OPTEK Technology Inc. 1645 Wallace Drive, Carrollton, Texas 75006 Phone: (972) 323-2200 or (800) 341-4747 FAX: (972) 323-2396 sensors@optekinc.com www.optekinc.com Issue A 10/08 Page 1 of 7 size="-1">

Ultraviolet (UV) Metal Can LED
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    Ultraviolet (UV) Metal Can LED OUE8A Series Absolute Maximum Ratings (T A =25C unless otherwise noted) Storage Temperature Range -40 >o C to...
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    Ultraviolet (UV) Metal Can LED OUE8A Series Standard Optical Power Bins Devices are sorted to Optical Power Out (mW) as shown below. Unless designated,...
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    Ultraviolet (UV) Metal Can LED OUE8A Series Relative Power Output vs Junction Temperature Junction Temperature vs. Maximum Allowable Forward Current...
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    Ultraviolet (UV) Metal Can LED OUE8A Series Tf) electronics OPTEK Technology Forward Voltage vs. Forward Current Peak Wavelength vs...
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    Ultraviolet (UV) Metal Can LED OUE8A Series Reliability Test ITEM CONDITION NOTE FAILURES Life Test T >A = RT, I >F = 20 mA 1000 hrs 0/22 Temperature...
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