CM-Line Catalog - Testing Solutions for Protection and Measurement Systems - 66 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Testing Solutions for Protection and Measurement Systems Product Catalog

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Company Prole The Company OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with leading testing solutions. The application of OMICRON products allows users in more than 140 countries to test their protection, measurement, and primary equipment with complete confidence. Continuous Innovation For more than 20 years, innovations from OMICRON have set new standards in secondary testing. The CMC test equipment led the way with many advances such as the first use of the vector diagram, the first IEC 61850 implementation and many more, while RIO, the Relay Interface of OMICRON,...

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Test Set Overview CMC Test Sets OMICRON's commitment to innovation is evident in the outstanding features and the quality of its test equipment. Making use of leading-edge technology in both development and quality assurance, OMICRON sets new standards for advanced testing equipment in terms of flexibility, accuracy, portability and reliability. Depending on the requirements, users can choose between several unique devices with different operation options from the CMC test set family:1 CMC 356 6 Phase Current + 4 Phase Voltage Test Set and Commissioning Tool The CMC 356 is the universal solution...

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CMC 310 3 Phase Current + 3 Phase Voltage Test Set The CMC  310 is specifically designed for manual three-phase testing of protection and measurement devices. The lightweight and compact design makes the CMC 310 particularly suitable for testing distribution and industrial systems. Operation: CMControl • 3 x 15 A / 350 VA • 1 x 30 A / 500 VA • 3 x 300 V CMC 850 IEC 61850 Test Set The CMC 850 is OMICRON’s protection test set dedicated to IEC 61850. It focuses on the realtime communication methods of GOOSE and Sampled Values to interface with the devices under test. The test set is controlled by...

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CMControl The CMControl is a front panel control device for use with the CMC  356, CMC  256plus, CMC 353, CMC 310, and CMC 256-6 test sets.1 Used as an alternative to the powerful PC-based Test Universe software, its instant availability and easy operation make it ideal for the quick verification of test objects. With the intuitive touch screen user interface setting up tests is particularly easy and convenient. The control wheel also makes the adjustment of output quantities very efficient. CMC Test Set with CMControl Depending on the preferred working position, the CMControl can either be attached...

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Test Universe OMICRON’s commitment to innovation is also found in its powerful Test Universe software suite designed to control CMC test sets 1 from a PC 2. The OMICRON Test Universe functionality includes > convenient PC controlled manual testing > testing with software modules optimized for specific test object functions > generic testing allowing the creation of tests for special requirements > combining all these elements in overall test plans > using predefined test templates provided by OMICRON Manual Testing Quick PC controlled manual testing is easy with the QuickCMC module, by setting...

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Test Universe I[3 Test Object -Cwlarra Pwjmeiss l[j Msr-i^afe Conflom fiber Automatic Reporting All test modules of the Test Universe software have a common element - the reporting func- tion: Each module provides a fully formatted test report. Depending on the module the results come from, data is entered in tabular and/or graphical form. If several modules are used within the OCC to comprise a test, each module adds its specific piece of data to the overall report. After testing is finished, test results and assessments are entered automatically to complete the report. Reports can easily be...

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Advanced Protection Software Packages OMICRON customers benefit from a wide range of powerful software options. Various packages contain a selection of Test Universe test modules that are function-oriented and can operate either on a stand-alone basis or can be embedded in test plans for fully automated testing. Software for special applications complete the range. Quick and easy PC controlled manual testing State Sequencer Determining operating times and logical timing relations by state-based sequences Determining magnitude, phase, and frequency thresholds by ramping definitions Playback of...

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Software /Modules Quick and easy PC controlled manual testing > Simultaneous control of all available test signals (voltage and current outputs) of the CMC test set in magnitude, phase, and frequency (max. 22 channels possible1) > Steady state, step or ramp function for all quantities > Fault Calculator providing different operation modes > Vector view and impedance plane QuickCMC provides an easy and intuitive user interface, while also offering powerful functions for performing PC controlled manual tests for all kinds of protection relays, measurement transducers and other equipment. Output...

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State Sequencer State Sequencer is a very flexible test module for determining operating times and logical timing sequences. A state is defined by the output conditions (voltages and currents, binary outputs) and a condition for the transition to the next state. Several individual states can be put together consecutively in order to define a complete test sequence. The transition from one state to the next may take place after a fixed time, after the occurrence of a trigger condition at the binary inputs of the CMC, or after a GPS or IRIG-B trigger (e.g. for synchronized end-to-end testing with...

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Software / Modules Ramping The test module Ramping determines limiting values, such as minimum pick-up or switching hysteresis (e.g. pick-up/drop-off ratio). It generates ramps of amplitude, phase, or frequency for the current and voltage outputs. Automated tests can be performed with ramps that allow testing of both simple and complex functions. The flexibility of this module allows two synchronized simultaneous ramps of different variables (including ramping two components of the same output signal, e.g. magnitude of fundamental and harmonic) with any number of ramp segments. Features > Automated...

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