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OlsaMix Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers Semi-Solids OlsaMix 1500 liters with two supporting blocks and high-speed agitator installed on the vessel bottom.

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OlsaMix Two Low Speed Agitators: coaxial execution with outer anchor equipped with Teflon hinged scrapers and contrarotating inner blades. High-Speed Agitator: toothed-type rotor and stator assembly installed on the vessel bottom or top-entering. As an option, several interchangeable configurations are available (see leaflet pictures). Characteristics The combined mixing action of both anchor and contra-rotating blades ensures a controlled flow, both radial and axial, of the batch, resulting in a very efficacious mixing action, an intimate physical combination of the phases and a homogeneous distribution...

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The result of this process is excellent bulk mixing, even when working with products of high viscosity and high specific gravity. The special profile of the internal blades is designed to obtain an effective pumping of the product downward (where the high-speed agitator is located), to the inlet of the homogenizer, and consequent bottom- to-top mixing of the product towards the periphery of the mixing vessel. This flow pattern enhances the mixing action of the high-speed agitator, optimizing dispersion, particle size reduction and energy transfer for emulsification and homogenization. OlsaMix...

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n High sanitary standard manufacturing n Internal surfaces mirror polished n Agitation group consisting of two slow agitators and one fast agitator n Double speed slow agitators (stepless speed variation as optional) n Double speed fast agitator (stepless speed variation as optional) n Mechanical seal of the agitation groups n Lifting cover system n Tilting vessel* n Body and agitators made of S.S. AISI 316L n Internal pressurization for discharge and inertization* n S.S. AISI 304 jacket n Cover for thermal insulation made of S.S. tank in tank n Vacuum group* n Heating station* n Sterilizing filter...

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