Pesticides Analysis Systems Brochure - 8 Pages

PESTICIDES...from Cleanup to Analysis
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Pesticides Analysis Systems Brochure
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    OI Analytical is uniquely qualified to offer complete solutionsfor determining pesticides in food and environmental samples—from post-extraction...
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    Corn OilBis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalateGPC AutoPrep 2000MethoxychlorPeryleneThe Ideal Automated Systemfor GPC CleanupSulfurThe GPC AutoPrep 2000 seamlessly...
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    SP 2000 GPC SystemCompact, Efficient, and AffordableThe Model SP 2000 GPC Cleanup System is the simple and economical solution for GPC cleanup. Thismanually-operated,...
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    RapidVap N2 Evaporation SystemsAutomated, Fast Evaporation Rates, Greater ThroughputThe RapidVap N2 Evaporation Systems offer a more efficient, automated...
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    High Performance Gas ChromatographyDetectors and Systems for Pesticides AnalysisOne of the most challenging analytical applications involves low-level...
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