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DayCor(R) Luminar HD

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DayCor® Handheld high definition corona camera LuminarHD is a handheld corona camera with features that enhance performance and guarantee high sensitivity, high resolution & clear results. The information collected by LuminarHD is pinpointed, comprehensive and encompassing ambient conditions, location and corona strength. Findings are displayed in real time on a high definition display, assisting inspectors investigate faults and get a wider understanding of the asset condition. LuminarHD supports corona management and includes an interface to coronaWise software with auto-detect and data transfer. By using this camera, engineers benefit from attaining fast results, clearly seeing active faults, and creating inspections history as a basis to analysis and trending. LuminarHD incorporates Ofil’s benchmarked DayCor® proprietary technology ensuring daytime operation and highest sensitivity to UV radiation emanated by corona. LuminarHD is ergonomically designed and built for extended uninterrupted operation. Corona can only be seen in daytime by a solar blind imager, but to be able to see UV photons, the corona elements, from afar and not miss any occurence of corona, a hyper sensitive camera such as LuminarHD is required. To ascertain the performance of LuminarHD the camera has been tested and certified having a sensitivity of detecting as low as1pC from a distance of 15 meters. Signal amplification and noise reduction contribute to better resolution and performance. SEE TO FORESEE - PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE LuminarHD is a HD video and stills recorder of corona events superimposed on visible imaging of their sources. The camera scores corona severity and indicates it on the output together with narration, ambient conditions and GPS. LuminarHD output is valuable to predictive maintenance, which relies on past performance evidence and documentation. DAYCOR® TECHNOLOGY INSIDE LuminarHD is a high fidelity bi-spectral solar blind camera implementing Ofil’s proprietary DayCor® technology [Registered Patent EP1112459B1]. Luminar HD offers over 3 hours ongoing continuous battery run time operation without overheating. » Highest sensitivity » Powerful zoom » Hi resolution TFT LCD » Recording & playback » HD 720p videos » Built-In GPS » Bluetooth & Wi-Fi » LED & Backlit keyboard » Signals amplification » Noise reduction control PERFECTION IN EVERY DETAIL Spanning from the spacious onboard function buttons with on/ off backlight, through a pictorial menu, large adjustable TFT LCD, powerful LED flash light, preset profiles and more, up to the most elaborated detector, LuminarHD is dedicated to perfection. By achieving extremely ergonomic design and fortified detection power, Ofil enables you to enjoy a notably reliable product with excellent results. ALL IN ONE LuminarHD is an outstanding testing equipment to enjoy under multiple conditions: whether indoors or outdoors, nearby or afar inspections, as a handheld unit or mounted, controlled locally or remotely. All features in one equipment, all requirements equally met. The powerful onboard LED takes care of dimmed working compartments, while full solar blind filter ensures full operation under sunny conditions. Powerful zoom, 1000 nits TFT LCD and HD video support resolving details of remote objects. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet support controlling the camera remotely getting the output imaging onto an external monitor. Continuous operation without overheating and a rechargeable battery with extended lifetime helps accomplish efficient outdoor inspec

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Close-up Lens; coronaWise Software; Temp & Humidity Meter plug, Remote Control wired or wireless Ofil USA LTD | Ofil LTD | | +1.888.950.5557 Specifications are subject to changes without notice. Imagery used for illustration purposes only. Copyright 2019, Ofil Ltd. Ver. 19.3

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