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Product innovations 2014 - 136 Pages

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Product innovations 2014
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Catalog excerpts

Product innovations THINK CONNECTED.

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With more than 30,000 products, OBO opens up endless possibilities for the electrical infrastructure of a building. And this year again, we have expanded our range further. Our new or further developed products help to make an electrical installation safer, more convenient and more economic in all areas of life. The product innovations catalogue is divided into seven OBO product areas and also has many practical tips regarding the installation. Benefit from the numerous advantages of our new products both at the planning stage as well as in daily installation situations. Endless possibilities....

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VBS | Connection and fastening systems KTS | Cable support systems BSS | Fire protection systems LFS | Cable routing systems TBS | Transient and lightning protection systems

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Junction box without Wieland sockets, 3-pin 10 x Screwless terminal, universal Cable gland, separable Sealing insert, closed Sealing insert, 1 cable Sealing insert, multiple Spreading pliers for sealing insert Always indicate the item number when ordering.

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Screwless connection terminal for fine-wire cables Simply plugged-in cross-section of 0.2 to 2.5 square millimetres. Using these, it is particularly easy to install rigid cables. They can be plugged-in without even handling the release lever. This is the easiest way to connect or disconnect cables and strands: OBO's new screwless connection terminals for flexible and rigid cables. The terminals available in three sizes for two, three and five terminal points, have a connection

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Cable gland for repairs Protracted dismantling of cables when changing cable glands is a thing of the past – the separate cable gland from OBO enables you to exchange them during the running production process, without any disruption. No more long disassembly and installation: Using the spreading pliers supplied, the separable seals can be put around the cable easily. Separable locknuts complete the system. With a connection thread size of M25x1.5, the cable glands are suitable for cable diameters of 7 to 20 millimetres. The range also comprises of multiple cable seals as well as a seal to "drill...

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Junction box systems Junction box without Wieland sockets, 3-pin 10 x Type Light grey All the T series junction boxes are UV-resistant. They are made of polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer) and are equipped with strain relief entries and pre-terminated Wieland connection sockets, type GST-18-i3 (s = black, w = white, r = red). The strain relief entries can be penetrated directly with the cables. The special structure of the opening means that the cables cannot be removed unintentionally. Suitable for cable diameters of between 7 and 21 mm. The junction boxes can be mounted on mounting plates...

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Screwless terminals Colour Screwless terminal, universal, 2-pin Type Tested according to EN 60998 Screwless terminal to connect single-strand cables to multiplestrand cables. The type of cable can either be flexible or rigid. If rigid cables are used, an opening of the release lever is not necessary. The wire can be plugged into the terminal directly. To extract the wires, simply open the release lever. The strand can then be easily pulled-out. Nominal cross-section: 2 x 0.2 mm² - 2.5 mm² multiple cables or single-strand cables Nominal voltage 450 V Nominal current 24 A Stripping length: 9 mm...

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Cable fastening systems — Light grey Separable cable gland, sealing insert closed The V-TEC TB.. ensures - like all V-TEC glands - a secure sealing of the cable. The fact that the cable gland is separable means that it is easy and quick to install for instance pre-terminated cables. A further benefit is the option of retrofitting cables in existing installations. It is also unbeatable as a "repair gland", there is no need of disassembling pre-mounted cables, it can be installed without interrupting the production process. The closed sealing insert provides the option to universally drill the required...

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Surge arrestors Combination arrestors Connection terminal for special wiring Surge protection for LED systems Lightning current meter Roof cable holder Connection component metre metre metre metre mast mast mast mast stand stand stand stand Tele lightning protection system Always indicate the item number when ordering.

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When the electric tension rises...

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A new look and even more performance capacity – these are the new arrestor series of the V50 combination and the V20 surge arrestors. They fit perfectly into OBO's comprehensive protection system against lightning and surge voltage. Newly developed soft-release contacts in combination with a locking mechanism protect the upper parts of the protection elements even under the harshest mechanical strains. They provide a lightning current carrying capacity for buildings to lightning protection class III. The halogen-free and ULlisted plastic material fulfils the newest standards in installation technology....

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Connection terminal for arrestors Triple connection Now the connection of cables with a cross-section of up to 1.5 mm² works without difficulty. A connection point can accept up to three cables and can be connected to the surge arrestor. In this way, the connection terminals facilitate an EMV-optimal through-wiring to DIN VDE 0100-534 of lightning current and surge arrestors of up to a maximum nominal current of 50 A. Protection for the inverter up to three separate MPP trackers OBO offers a number of solutions. A selection of pre-installed housings provide up to six attachment points with cross-sections...

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Surge protection for LED street lamps Small protects large ped a tailor-made surge arrestor. The type 2 arrestor ÜSM-LED 230 has a high level of conducting capacity of up to 20 kA. Having a very low protection level of below 1.3 kV, it is also suitable for the protection of very sensitive electronic components. Thanks to its compact design, it can be mounted in the pole end area or in the street lamp head. The arrestors ÜSMLED 230 fulfil the requirements for type 2 protective devices according to the current EN 61643-11 product norm. Energy saving LED lights used as street lighting are becoming...

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