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Obelux CR9 Forensic Light - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Obelux CR9 Forensic Lights

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A new state-of-the-art LED Forensic Light Source, Obelux CR9, has been designed for robust operation at the crime scenes and within the laboratory. The light unit has been developed together with experienced crime scene investigators and it is fully designed and manufactured in Finland. The light is portable, rechargeable, and it has 8-step intensity control. The light unit provides an outstanding light output and smooth surface illumination. One light unit can contain several different wavelengths of light (including UV light) and they can be easily selected from the user-friendly panel. “The...

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Feedback from Crime Scene Investigators “At the crime scenes we have mainly used a light unit which contains 385nm ultra-violet, 415nm violet, and white light. Within the laboratories we have also used 455nm blue for fingerprint identification” “With traditional methods fingerprint evidence, blood stains, and other fluids on different types of surfaces may go undetected or even dismissed without scanning the place thoroughly with bright and wide light beam.” “With bright white light we are able to illuminate large surface at once which helps substantially in footprint examinations” “The usage...

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More information: Obelux Oy Kutomotie 6B FI-00380 Helsinki Finland Technical information in this brochure is subject to change wHhout notice. Copyright Obelux 2010 | OBELUX_CR9_20110302.indd

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