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OAV ® Air Bearings
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Catalogue excerpts

OAV® AIR BEARING SPECIFICATION GUIDE A FULL LINE OF AIR BEARINGS OAV Air Bearings is the leading manufacturer of the recently advanced air bearing technology. We are committed to providing our customers with the most precise bearing system available spread over many existing and emerging markets around the world. Advanced technologies have led to major breakthroughs and have given way to new markets. These developments have increased the need for precision tools and equipment. We have combined our past experience with today's technologies and implemented military spec materials including aluminum, titanium,...

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Mounting Components Mounts Blocks / Shaft End Support

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Through its range of Bushings, OAV Air Bearing proudly unveils all the craftsmanship that is to be found in its Manufacturer in OAV Air Bearings also demonstrate true excellence in design. The bushings have a strong technical aspect but remain nonetheless full of character. Building on the success of the Standard Product Line already introduces here some new fresh designs to satisfy its most demanding applications in the upper segment of its price range.

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Flat Round Air Bearings Through its Standard Product Line, OAV Air Bearings demonstrates that high quality precision bearings can be offered at a very competitive yet cost effective price positioning. Our Flat Round air bearings work on any flat, nonporous surfaces. Featuring one of the best precision bearing movements on the market and assembled according to the very high demanding OAV Air Bearings quality standards, the Standard Product Line offers a wonderful blend of reassuring precision along with an infinite lifespan. A very attractive alternative for tasks where high speeds, non-contact,...

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This year, OAV Air Bearings is coming back with another unique interpretation of innovation, the "OAV Roller Bearing", this time for ultra precision, hard install, fixed location bearing to replace your conventional bearings. This development only confirms the brand's positioning as one of the most innovative and forward thinking Air Bearings manufacturers in the OAV Roller Air Bearings also demonstrate true excellence in design. The Air bearing have a strong technical aspect but remain nonetheless full of character. Building on the success of the Standard Product Line already launched in 2010,...

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OAV ® Thrust Air Bearing and Bushings Yet another World Premiere by OAV Air Bearings! The presentation of the Thrust Air Bushing and Bearings in 2012 has already broken boundaries introducing the first available Air Bearing that fully integrates and works on a 3 way Frictionless

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Flat rectangular Air Bearing The design of our Porous Carbon material Majestically combined with Military Spec materials to provide a precise mind-boggling floating effect around the surfaces. We are proud to have brought Aerospace Technology to the Air Bearing OAV Flat Air Bearings are often used as a standard, off-the-shelf solution for providing axial constraint in rotary motion applications. Our standard product line is available in metric sizing with Custom sizes being made to order. *Both top and side air ports available for size 40x80mm and larger. Comes with 1 plug.

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Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing For applications where pre-loading is difficult or impossible, OAV Vacuum Pre Loaded Air Bearings add vacuum like effect to the OAV Porous Media Technology. Moreover these bearings hold themselves down while simultaneously lifting themselves from the guide surface for the most precise results available. By adjusting the pressure and vacuum separately, the stiffness and fly height can boost.

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Mounting Components This high carbon stainless is one of the hardest stainless steels and meets ASTM MIL-SPEC MS19063B. Sphericity within

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Mounting Components Housing Mounting Blocks Housing Blocks for english or metric Air bushings manufactured from Aircraft Qualit; Aluminum and anodized with Mil spec, for design to ultimite Quality. Design allow easy assembling of custom slides using OAV air bushings, which are mounted inside on O-rings to allow self-alignment.

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Black Anodized aluminum end support block is lightweight and strong for end mounting to support precision shafting are available for inch and metric sizes.

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Mounting Components ASTM D2000/SAE J200. They offer excellent resistance. Temperature

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lounting Components Retaining Plate This high Quality Aluminum Anodizec meets aerospace quality. 0006mm tolerance always parallel and easy to Mounting Screws This high carbon stainle aerospace quality. With ball end always parallel and easy to install

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OAV Profile Rail Guides consists of the next generation Oav Air Bearing® and manufactured from Aircraft Quality lightweight linear guides, Box Series, T-Series , U-series and Dovetail Series. It is a complete offering of Air Bearing slides in a wide range of styles, sizes and unique features produced for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications. manufactured from Aircraft Quality lightweight Material, Ultra precise linear straightness and flatness vibration-free, maintenance-free motion. Ready to install, Integrated locking brake function, through pretensioning...

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Oav Air Bearing Linear Slides, high precision and accurate air slide issembly. Our Bearings provide you with the confidence of integrated earing systems motion and dynamic response way better than onventional rolling bearings. )AV air bearing linear slide assemblies, which combine an accurate guide surface with an air slide ready-fit for installation. This provides jser with the convenience of integrated guide and bearing systems. 4" TRAVEL .500 LINEAR MOTION GUIDE 4" TRAVEL .500 LINEAR MOTION GUIDE 10"x6" table size Aluminum Housing Blocks, Aluminum breadboard Frictionless .500 inc Air bushings...

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1-What is Oav Air Bearing Material And Technology? OAV Air Bearings brought Aerospace Technologies to air bearing systems. Crafted with Aerospace Quality Aluminum and Titanium that meet Miltitary specs along with a Porous Carbon material, Oav air bearings use exotic Aerospace Material to push the limit of engineering for ultimate accuracy, speed 2-What maintenance do air bearings need? OAV Air Bearings Porous Media Air Bearings require no maintenance. If you do need to clean the air bearing surface simply wipe with alcohol and let it dry. 3-can only air be used for air bearings? Compressed air...

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