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100 Series Breakaway Coupler Applications CNG Dispensers, Car/Bus/Truck Fill Posts & Trailer Load/Unload systems. Features & Benefits Designed to separate safely if the fill hose is under excess strain. The Oasis Breakaway delivers the highest gas flow rate, filling vehicles with maximum efficiency. Anti-Leak spring loaded poppets in both male and female sections. Wire gimbled design gives 360 degree movement without changing “break” functionality. Available as separate male or female components if required. Adaptors avaliable for 3/4” and 1” hoses and pipes. BC104-4NTBN - Breakaway Materials Item Vent Body Breakaway Spring Vent O-ring Vent Bracket Poppet Seal Poppet Spring Poppet Retainer Gimble Wire Vent Line Breakaway Materials Main Line Breakaway Materials Product Information • NPT female thread is standard configuration. • All products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 standards from certified stainless steel bar stock. • Designed to ANSI-NGV 4.4 standard. • 3/4” & 1” adaptors available. BC104-4NTBN-2 - Breakaway & Vent Line We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. Oasis Engineering Ltd. 129 Birch Ave Tauranga, 3110 New Zealand. Ph +64 7 9283808 Fax +64 7 9283809 www.oasisngv.com 2913 © Oasis Engineering Limited

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100 Series Breakaway Coupler 100 Series Breakaway Coupler Flow Rate (SCFM) Based on theoretical calculations Ȉ Presure difference between inlet and outlet ports. Dimensions (mm) Part Code - 2 With Vent Line * Vent Breakaway Only Product Specification Part Code With Vent Line Vent Breakaway Only Venting purpose only, Coupler will not hold static pressure at this pressure. Minimum system pressure the product will hold constant bubble tight seal. Maximum pressure at which the product can constantly operate at. Force require to separate the break away. We reserve the right to modify product specifications...

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