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BALL VALVES 500 - 6000 PSI - 2 Pages

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700 Series Ball Valves (Delrin/Nitrile) CNG Compressors, Dispensers, Priority Panels, Isolation Valves and storage. Item Part Material I Item Part Material 1 Body 304 Stainless steel 6 Gland&Thrust Delrin 2 Cap 304 Stainless steel 7 BodyO-rings Nitrile 3 Stem 316 Stainless steel 8 Stem O-rings Nitrile 4 Ball 316 Stainless steel 9 Handle 304 Stainless Steel Features & Benefits The 700 Series Ball Valve is a FULL FLOW, Anti Blowout stem, all stainless steel certified bar stock, two-piece, serviceable valve. Service kits are readily available & easy to install. CNC machining allows tighter tolerances to be maintained, which extends the working life of the The complete Oasis range has been cycle tested to ensure LOWEST LIFE COST. Product Information • Custom handle options available on request. • NPT thread is the standard configuration. Other thread types available upon request. • Peek/Viton configuration available upon request. We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. Oasis Engineering Ltd. 129 Birch Ave Tauranga, 3110 New Zealand. Ph +64 7 9283808 Fax +64 7 9283809 www.oasisngv.com 3313 © Oasis Engineering Limited

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700 Series Ball Valves (Delrin/Nitrile) D 700 Series Ball Valves Part Code Flow Rate (SCFM) Based on theoretical calculations Presure difference between inlet and outlet ports. Product Specification Mass kg (lb) Part Code Cycles Before Rekit ^ Stem Open Torque Nm (ft-lb)^^ * Minimum system pressure the product will hold constant bubble tight seal. ** Maximum pressure at which the product can constantly operate at. ^ It is recommended that the ball valve is re-kitted on or before the maximum number of allowable cycles. # Use BV706-SK6ADDN for BV706-4N6ADDN only. For obsolete valve BV706-4NSDDN...

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