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Butterfly valves - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

more hygienic more reliable inoperation Օ easier mainte >

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in Nocado qualityis an extremelysturdy materialfor universal use,also for fully de-salinated water(at low switchingfrequency) andproducts containing grease in Nocado quality is suitable particu -larly for applica-tions where thismaterial hasproven itself, suchas with certainhydrocarboncompounds, aromatics andproducts contain-ing grease in Nocado qualityhas very good all-round characteristics in Nocado qualityhas exceptionalall-round characteristics > Characteristics Colour red or transparent black black brown Hot water 110C 160аC 130C 80аC Edible oil 200C not resistant 140аC 200C Caustic soda...

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Electric actuators Electric actuators are used on applications in which the valve is to remain in current position, even in the event of a power failure or, where compressed air is not available or can only be provided at relatively high cost. The integrated gear ensures that they remain in the momentary position when power is not present. Electric motor actuators are approx. 200 times more economical in terms of energy than pneumatic actuators. However, since the absolute operating costs per actuator are very low, electric motor actuators should not be selected for this reason alone. Actuators...

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Subject to technical modifications and changes in prices. Errors excepted. W-1-1/2-1.1.0-06-03 >

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