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COR-TEN - 18 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

COR-TEN™ NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METALhttp://www.nssmc.com/ Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation 2-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-8071 Japan Tel: +81-3-6867-4111 NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL COR-TENTM A006en_03_201709f © 2008, 2017 NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL

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Susa Bridge (Yamaguchi) Photo: 1992 (3 years after completion) is a registered trade name of United States Steel Corporation. Weather Resistance- •Exposure Test Results- •Secular Changes in Rust Appearance •Unpainted use (Complementary Rust Stabilization Treatment) — 8 •Painted use-10 •Various Application Examples -13 Available Size- •Plate (Heat Treatment) •Hot-rolled Sheet- •Cold-rolled Sheet- Characteristic Properties- •Physical Properties - •Chemical Composition- •Mechanical Properties- •Paint durability - •Paint Film Deterioration Tests •Impact Properties- •Abrasion Resistance -•Weldability- •Weld...

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COR-TEN Saving Maintenance Cost COR-TEIM Features NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL Since 1959 when COR-TEN began to be marketed, this material has served as served as weathering steel (atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel). COR-TEN has successfully overcome rust, steel’s most weakest, by capitalizing on its unique “rust cures rust” function. When exposed to the atmosphere without painting, COR-TEN begins to rust in the same way as ordinary steel. But soon the alloying elements in COR-TEN cause a protective surface layer of fine-textured rust to form, thereby suppressing corrosion rate. Capitalizing...

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Weather Resistance When COR-TEN is exposed to the atmosphere, it develops an initial layer of rust as ordinary steel does. But, as time goes by, this early product gradually converts to a fine-textured rust (protective rust) that tightly adheres to the base metal, providing a protective layer that both protects the base metal and suppresses further corrosion. F i g . 1 s h o w s t h e re s u l t s o f e x p o s u re t e s t s conducted in an industrial area. It can be seen from the figure that corrosion in COR-TEN is suppressed within 3 to 5 years. Fig. 2 shows the results of exposure tests in coastal...

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Application Examples Unpainted use (Bare) The unpainted application of COR-TEN not only offers economical advantages but, thanks to the calming color of the protective rust, it also demonstrates excellent aesthetic properties. Because of this, COR-TEN is applied in a wide range of fields such as buildings and monuments. Because the initial outflow of rust dirties the surrounding area, it is necessary to fully examine the application site and the purpose for using COR-TEN and to devise a structuring method. Kanno Museum of Art (Miyagi) Photo: May 2007 (1 year after completion) Univ. OKAYAMA Pref....

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Unpainted use (Complementary Rust Stabilization Treatment) COR-TEN can be applied without painting (in a bare state), thus reducing the cost of repainting and other repairs. However, there have been expressions of concern during the first year or two when the protective layer of fine-textured rust (protective layer) is forming. These concerns usually referred to adverse landscaping associated with the yellowish color of the initial rust and to the contamination of surrounding areas caused by the runoff of early-stage rust washed away by rainwater. As a result, there have been obstacles linked to...

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When COR-TEN is painted, the required number of times that repainting must be conducted can be reduced. This advantage is believed to result from the fact that, even when corrosion occurs in the base metal due to defects in the painted film or to pinholes, the corrosion progresses slowly and thus the occurrence of blistering and peeling of the paint film is reduced. By making the most of this advantage, COR-TEN is applied in every field where steel is used̶ranging from buildings to railway vehicle, marine containers, storage tanks, industrial machinery and bridges. High-speed passenger ship (Setouchi...

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CORQ™ (Cast Metal) CORQ™ is a registered trade name of Kyoji Takubo and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation. VINCOR (VINtage COR-ten) is a product to consider the initial color tone with a state of being aged from shipment. VINCOR is sold by Chikumakozai Co., Ltd (Tel: 81-47-354-5721). CORQ is a cast metal product that has the features of COR-TEN and is used mainly for floor materials. CORQ is produced and marketed by Okayama Casting Center (Tel: 8-86-277-5588). 9 years after completion ■ By using the index numbers that have a high correlation with colors, the color tone is quantified and...

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NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CQR-TEN SpecificationSteel Grades and Features Chemical Composition Steel grade 1) For unpainted uses, COR-TEN O, COR-TEN 490, COR-TEN 570, NAW-TEN™12 and NAW-TEN™15 are applied. 2) Thicknesses or diameters other than those listed in the above table are subject to the agreement between the orderer and us. 3) Bar includes bar-in-coil. But the diameter of bar-in-coil should be 32 mm or less. 4) Regarding the grade other than those shown above, equivalent grades can be manufactured. Please consult us in advance. 5) NAW™ and NAW-TEN™ are a registered trade name of Nippon...

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NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL Mechanical Properties Designation

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NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL COR-TEN Available SizePlate As Roll (products other than those listed in the table on page 18) Heat Treatment (cor-ten 570, cor-ten b-qt, NAW-TEN12-570, naw-teni5-570) Standard available sizes Notes: 1) The figure in the table indicates the maximum length (m) of plate. 2) The minimum length shall be 3 m. 3) Regarding the applicable plate thickness, please refer to “Specifications” on page 13.

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NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL Hot-rolled Sheet and Cold-rolled Sheet COn-TEN Characteristic PropertiesPhysical Properties (Example) Elastic Modulus (Unit:N/mm2) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (Unit:xio-6/°c) Temperature range (from room temperature) < >: Value of “mild steel (C: 0.12~0.20%) specified in Handbook on Mechanical Engineering (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers)

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