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Catalogue excerpts

- Industrial Vacuum Solutions

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Clearing the way for a safer, cleaner and more productive everyday A complete range of industrial vacuum solutions for your company Nilfisk produces specific industrial vacuums for any kind of application in all industrial sectors: from the engineering to the pharmaceutical and food industry, to many others. In addition to vacuum cleaners, Nilfisk produces pneumatic conveyors, centralized vacuum systems and high power vacuums, in order to meet the needs of all types of manufacturing companies. The general catalogue of products is therefore just a showcase of the range, showing solutions to get...

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Single Phase Industrial Vacuums 1 kW power, model 118 is suitable for the recovery of dry materials. Built in stainless steel to be used in industrial environments, it is however very small and light for great ergonomics and ease of use. Equipped with HEPA filter for hazardous waste. 2 Kw power, model VHS120 is suitable for the recovery of wet and dry materials. It is very compact, but it is equipped with a 37 liters container and it ensures excellent performances. Available even in M and H class for the recovery of toxic material. In these versions it is equipped with Longopac® system.

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Single Phase Industrial Vacuums S2B-S3B POWER, SIMPLIFIED 2 or 3 kW power, respectively with two or three independent motors, S2B and S3B industrial vacuums can collect wet and dry materials. In particular they are designed to be used in metal manufacturing production sites to extract metal chips, metal filings, oil and lubricant solutions. THE FIRST DIGITAL AND FULLY MODULAR INDUSTRIAL VACUUMS 2 or 3 kW power with "by-pass" motor, models S2 and S3 can collect wet and dry materials. They are equipped with a practical electronic dashboard for an easy use and a constant monitoring of the vacuum...

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Single Phase Industrial Vacuums VHS110 ATEX / ClassIIDiv2 WHEN A SINGLEPHASE IS ATEX CERTIFIED 1.1 kW, suitable for the recovery of dry materials. VHS110 ATEX is suitable for Atex Z22 locations. Thanks to the brushless motor, this machine ensures high performance, it needs less maintenance and is suitable for continuous use. The innovative PullClean system effectively cleans the antistatic star filter while the vacuum is running.The optional HEPA14/ULPA15 upstream filter is the perfect choice when collecting fine dusts.

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Threephase Industrial Vacuums T30S WHEN POWER IS ESSENTIAL 3 kW power, suitable for the recovery of wet and dry materials, it is the right choice for production companies looking for a vacuum with a good price/quality ratio. Available in three different versions: with 50 or 100 liters container and with gravity unload system through polyethylene LDPE bag or Longopac®, the "endless" bag for dust collection. CTS 22 - CTS 40 - CTT 40 COMPACT, VERSATILE AND FULLY CONFIGURABLE 2.2 and 4 kW power, the CTS-CTT series is suitable for the recovery of dry materials. CTS models are equipped with lateral...

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Threephase Industrial Vacuums T22 - T40 - T40W - T75 TAILORED FOR METAL PRODUCTION From 2.2 up to 7.5 kW, suitable for wet and dry materials. Different models for different needs, in particular the 4 kW model is available with double stage side-channel blower connected in series for a greater vacuum (model T40) or connected in parallel for an highest airflow (T40W). Ideal for the cleaning and maintenance of the plants. T22plus - T40plus - T40WPLUS - T40PLUS HE HEALTH AND SAFETY AS STANDARD From 2.2 to 4.3 kW power, for dry materials. This series has been designed to assure safety to production...

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Threephase Industrial Vacuums From 5.5 up to 13 KW, these industrial vacuums are suitable for the recovery of wet & dry materials. They are strong, powerful and reliable, therefore they are ideal for continuous and heavy-duty uses. The wide filter area and the great capacity of the container avoid machinery downtimes. Different models for different needs: greater vacuum pressure, greater air flow or greater power. These vacuums are the most requested by the heavy industry. 3997 - 3997W - 3997WC FIRST CLASS POWER 22 kW power, these models are suitable for the recovery of wet and dry materials....

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Compressed Air Industrial Vacuums VHC110 - VHC120 - VHC200 COMPRESSED AIR, AMPLIFYING SAVING Designed to operate whenever electricity is unavailable or forbidden, these models are ideal to recover both solid debris and liquid spills. Models VHC110 and VHC120 are equipped with a new technology of multistage vacuum generator system, to ensure the minimum air consumption together with good performance. Model VHC200, the largest model in the range, is the right solution for applications where top vacuum and airflow are required in heavy duty applications. The range is available in ATEX and EXP version. TECHNICAL...

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Industrial Vacuums for Oil and Chips VHO 200 COLLECTING LIQUIDS HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY! 2.4 kW power, this singlephase industrial vacuum has been designed to collect up to 75 litres of any kind of liquid, also mixed with solid materials, and discharge them very fast by simply activating the valve to change the suction into a blowing flow. It is equipped with a chip basket that can separate solid materials from liquids. VACUUM OIL TO SAVE OIL 1.3 kW singlephase and 2.2 kW threephase respectively, models ECO-OIL 13 and ECO-OIL 22 are specifically designed to recover oil, viscose liquids and chips,...

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Industrial Vacuums for Food, Pharma and OEM IVT1000 THE VACUUM FOR CLEANROOMS Small vacuum unit, ideal for clean rooms, where maximum sterilization and full contamination control are standard requirements. It is quiet and can be completely sterilized, the right solution for recovering small quantities of toxic (or even potentially lethal) powder (HEPA/ULPA filtration). CLEANROOM-FRIENDLY, WET & DRY Wet&Dry single phase vacuum cleaner for cleanrooms. The GMP design and the stainless steel execution make it extremely easy to clean and sanitize. The ULPA15 downstream filter avoids contamination of...

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