The EzLaze 3 Laser Cutting System - 2 Pages

EzLaze Laser Cutting System

for Semiconductor Failure Analysis and LCD Repair Applications

Cutting Metal Traces Removing passivation, oxide and metal layers Removing ITO shorts


Air-cooled architecture - No cooling water - Compact, Lightweight - No maintenance required Selectable wavelengths allow cutting and machining of a wide range of materials: - 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm or 266 nm 3-axis control of cut size and orientation. From 2m x 2յm (with 100X objective) to 50m x 50յm (with 50X objective). Rotation through 180. Simple operation via remote control box with a 6.5cm x 7.5cm LCD screen displaying menu-
based commands or via RS232 interface. Precise energy control over a wide range. Internal LED spot marker. Compatible with most major brands of FA microscopes (Mitutoyo, Motic, Seiwa). 3 Operating modes: - Single shot - Continuous (1 Hz) - Burst (max. of 10 sec. at 5 Hz.)

EzLaze 3 shown with power supply and remote control. Microscope, stage and stand are options. >

Wavelengths Recommended for Cutting Common Materials

Standard Configuration includes Laser Head Standard Energy >

IR (1064nm) Green (532nm) UV3 (355nm) UV4 (266nm)

XY Shutter (Std. Resolution) Power Supply >

Aluminum Copper Polyimide Polyimide

Remote Control 2.4m umbilical >

Gold Kapton Kapton

Video spot marker Foot switch Options High Pulse Energy Rotating Shutter >

Poly Silicon Silicon Silicon


Aluminum Nitride Nitride

High Resolution Shutter Motorized Polarizer >

Silicon Dioxide SOG SOG

Horizontal Mount Laser Head with Robot-length >

Silicon Dioxide Silicon Dioxide

Umbilical Internal Spot Marker >
2 Microscope & Accessories >

U.S. Patent #. 5,611,946, 5,811,751, 5,963,364, 5,703,713 Japan Patent #. 3026362
The EzLaze 3 Laser Cutting System
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    Specifications Standard Energy (Minimum Pulse Energy at Laser Aperture) > Model 1064 nm 532 nm 355 nm 266 nm IR Only 0.5mJ Green Only 0.5mJ IR/Green...
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