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Catalogue excerpts

NELCO cable tie products Identification Products National New Jersey Florida 800.346.3526 866.635.2660 800.899.8533 www.nelcoproducts.com

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At Nelco, quality and service go beyond conventional measures. For over twenty years we have delivered quality products and service, always with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. As an employee-owned and run business, we believe providing personal ized and professional customer service is essential to the strength and future of our company. When calling Nelco, you are greeted by a person happy to serve you. Never will you have to contend with an automated phone system. Our trained product specialists are available to assist you with your cable tie and wiring accessory needs and will even help source...

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NELCO Products Incorporated CABLE TIES AND ACCESSORIES Nelco Products has a full-line of quality cable ties in a wide variety of materials, colors, styles, and sizes. MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATIONS Nylon 6/6 - General Purpose General purpose nylon 6/6 is suitable for use in most practical applications at a continuous temperature up to 150°F. Nylon 6/6, the grade most often used for cable tie production, meets UL 94V-2 flammability ratings. Its working temperature range is from 40°F to 185°F. OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS Nylon 6/6 - UV Stabilized UV Stabilized Nylon 6/6 is used in...

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CABLE TIES AND ACCESSORIES FLAME RETARDANT APPLICATIONS Halar** Halar is similar to Tefzel in performance. Its outstanding characteristic is a lower smoke density when bumed. This makes Halar more dsirable for use in areas where smoke gn驩ration is a concern, as when bundling wire in plnum spaces. FLEXties (Hook & Loop Cable Tes) HTH (888) A unique back-to-back fastening System featuring a polyethylene hook laminated to a nylon loop without the use of an adhesive. HTH (889) A flame retardant version. This product meets UL requirements for a rating of 94V-2 and also meets requirements for FAR 25.853...

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NELCO Products Incorporated CABLE TIES AND ACCESSORIES MILITARY SPECIFICATION REFERENCE CHART Mil-Spec Nelco Part # Color MS-3367-1-0 N-7-50-0- UV Black MS-3367-1-9 N-7-50-9- Natural MS-3367-1-2 N-7-50-2- Red MS-3367-1-3 N-7-50-3 Orange MS-3367-1-4 N-7-50-4- Yellow MS-3367-1-5 N-7-50-5- Green MS-3367-1-6 N-7-50-6- Blue MS-3367-1-7 N-7-50-7- Purple MS-3367-1-8 N-7-50-8- Grey MS-3367-2-0 N-14-50-0- UV Black MS-3367-2-9 N-14-50-9- Natural MS-3367-2-2 N-14-50-2- Red MS-3367-2-3 N-14-50-3- Orange MS-3367-2-4 N-14-50-4- Yellow MS-3367-2-5 N-14-50-5- Green MS-3367-2-6 N-14-50-6- Blue Mil-Spec Nelco Part...

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NELCO CABLE TIES AND ACCESSORIES Products Incorporated IDENTIFICATION TIES (18 LB. & 50 LB.) Minimum Part Length Width Bundle Loop Military Number inch mm inch mm Diameter Tensile Specifications N-4-18ID 4.00 102.00 .100 2.540 1/16 - 5/8 18 Ib. MS3368-5 N-8-18ID 8.00 196.00 .100 2.540 1/16 - 2 18 Ib. N-7-50ID 7.00 178.00 .187 4.750 1/16 - 1-3/4 50 Ib. MS3368-1 N-14-50ID 14.10 358.00 .187 4.750 3/8 - 4 50 Ib. MS3368-2 FLAG TIE (18 LB.) Part Number Length inch mm Width inch mm Bundle Diameter Minimum Loop Tensile N-4-18FL 4.00 102.00 .100 2.540 1/16 - 5/8 18 lb. MULTI-HEAD MARKER TIES (50 LB.) Part...

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CABLE TIES AND ACCESSORIES CABLE TIE INSTALLATION TOOLS QC-100 N-400 (P or M) N-300 A lightweight tool for least critical applications. Cinch tie to desired bundle and twist tool to remove excess strap. Recommended for use with 18 -50 lb. ties. Heavy duty tool for use with 18 -50 lb. ties. Automatic cut-off and adjustable tensioning for dependable use in assembly applications. Tool available Plastic or Metal. Rugged construction makes this tool ideal for use with our 120 -175 lb. ties. Cinch tie to desired bundle and pull trigger to cut excess flush at cable tie head. ADHESIVE BACK MOUNTING BASES...

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NELCO Products Incorporated CABLE TIES AND ACCESSORIES SCREW MOUNTS H L W Slot Slot Mount Part Height Length Width Height Width Method Number inch mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch mm Screw # SM-0* .270 6.86 .570 14.48 .340 8.64 .070 1.78 .120 3.10 #4 SM-1** .280 7.11 .600 15.24 .385 9.77 .060 1.52 .200 5.08 #6, #8 SM-2** .390 9.90 .875 22.22 .625 15.87 .090 2.29 .325 8.26 #8, #10 Tolerance +/- 015 .381 *SM-0 available in Natural Nylon Only **SM-1 & SM-2 available in Natural Nylon & Heat Stabilized Black Nylon |*wח*j Mounting Hole t Slot 1_ H T LOW PROFILE MOUNT Part Number H Height inch mm L Length...

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IMELCO Products Incorporated ERMINALS AND CONNECTORS Non-Insulated Butted Seam The most economical terminal - used where spcial performance or installation characteristics are not needed. Beveled mouth facilitates wire insertion. Maximum temperature for bare terminals: 175°C/347°F. Non-Insulated Brazed Seam Beveled mouth facilitates wire insertion. Can be crimped anywhere on barrel surface. Silver brazed seam will not open under crimping pressure or operating stresses. Unlike butted seam parts, stranded wire cannot escape barrel confines during or after crimping. Maximum temperature for bare terminals:...

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High Temprature Terminais and Connectors High Temprature Terminais and Connectors are constructed of steel with a nickel plating. Their temperature rating for continuous use at 482°C/900°F and intermittent use at 667°C/1200°F makes them perfect for use in ovens, motors, light fixtures and other applications where other connectors would corrode or melt. There is no applicable UL or CSA standard for high temperature steel parts. Wing Wire Connectors A square wire, coiled spring expands freely within the tough plastic shell and can accommodate a wide range of wire combinations. The angled edges of...

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TERMINALS AND CONNECTORS Female Quick Disconnects Wire Range (AWG) Tab Size Part Number Non-Insulated Butted Seam Vinyl Insulated Butted Seam Nylon Insulated w/Insulation Grip Heat Shrink Nylon Insulated *High Temp. Butted Seam 26-20 26-20 .110 X .020 .110 X .032 FD-20-110-020* FD-20-110-032* - IFDN-20-110-020* IFDN-20-110-032* - - 22-18 22-18 .187 X .020 .250 X .032 FD-18-187-020 FD-18-250-032 IFDV-18-187-020 IFDV-18-250-032 IFDN-18-187-020 IFDN-18-250-032 FDHS-18-250-032 - 16-14 16-14 16-14 .110 X .020 .187 X .020 .250 X .032 FD-14-110-020* FD-14-187-020 FD-14-250-032 IFDV-14-110-020* IFDV-14-187-020...

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