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Catalogue excerpts

MACHINE HIGHLIGHTS Machine Highlights Honing Spindle • Precision Spindle coupled to Allen Bradley (AB) Servo motor via ball spline •AB Servo motor controlled stroking system mounted on linear slide and precision ball screw •1 to 3 spindles Honing Spindle Post Process Gauging • AB Servo controlled for accurate positioning •Precision pneumatic gage provides feed back for automatic tool wear compensation •SPC capability Mechanical Tool Expansion •Servo controlled tool expansion system provides controlled feed rate and expansion force •Integrated with gauging system for automatic tool wear compensation...

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SINGLE SPINDLE MACHINE LAYOUT Hone Hone Fixed Table Load / unload Load / unload Hone Gage Load / unload TWO SPINDLE MACHINE LAYOUT Gage Rough Hone Finish Hone Load / unload Finish Hone Gage Gage Scrap eject Rough Hone Load / unload

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HIGH PERFORMANCE TOOLING AND ABRASIVE SOLUTIONS Nagel offers a complete conventional stroke honing and single pass "precidor" honing configuration, size, maximize bore accuracy, enhance cutting characteristics honing costs. manufacturing process to yield "first part good

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APPLICATION EXAMPLES Partial List ABS Control Valve Bearing Races Crankshaft Pulley Rocker Arm Stators Hydraulic valves Steering Components Turbocharger Components Gears Materials Honed – Partial List Steel – soft Steel – Hardened Ceramics Aluminum Bronze Powder Metal Nagel established in 1948 in Germany, is now the automotive industry’s gold standard for honing Engine Blocks, Connecting Rods, Pinion Gears and host of other components, with a market share of over 70% in North America. Our technology sets the bar for bore quality and productivity. Nagel ECO 40 was engineered to incorporate the...

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