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Catalogue excerpts

Looking for a concentrated offer for mechanical motion technology? Then look no further than the Nadella If you're looking for linear guide systems, linear modules, needle and taper toller bearings, as well as rod ends and adjustable nuts. 'hen Nadella is the nght name lot vou. That's because Nadella is an absolute specialist m mechanical motion technology and offers you excellent quality in terms of pro- ducts, know-how and service. You can rely on Nadella experience and expertise in many areas of mechanical engineering and automation technology to benefit your application. linear guide systems:...

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Linear and Motion Solutions Linear module for high speeds cost axes or in combination with other axes from our system range for complex, multi-axial systems. Be I tor bo It screw drive system Recirculating linear guides or roller guide ways. Adjusting nuts precision roller bearings - Simple design on shaft ends - Problem-free installation - Can be re-used without loss FWN linear guides system assembly dimertsin according - System with 4 or 6 rollers maintenance free - Rust proof versions Standard steering columns Thanks to the various types, all customer expects'ions in relation - With Integrated...

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You want standard catalog products modified to your specifications? Customer-specific small series production - Nadella catalog product fits perfectly into you' construction concept in terms of technology and price except for one tiny detail: slightly different, the shah needs to have a particular shape at the end. the surface would need to be protected against cotrosior, quirement that pre-assembled and tested subassemblies should be of this kind, Nadella will be happy to cater to your wishes. Customer-speci- specialized: from appli- cation analisys through capacities (o- metat processing and...

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Tell bench in production linear guidance systems Testing ol customer-specific components Grinding machine lor line surface processing ol guidance tracks

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Nadella will be happy to act as your development There is normally a huge differ- ence between an altered batch product and a specially produced 'customized product* designed and manufactured to meet customer- can cross this border in a single step: Just turn to Nadella. You will find everything you need to implement your new motion- based design concept, in other wc rds a coordinated package: explain your application, motion and positioning task to our consultant engineers either by phone or in a personal meeting on your premises arranged at short notice to analyze your task in detail. Profit...

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References Irom the industrial sector BIT Analytical Instrument GmbH OE-STA-CQ Metalleneugnisse GmbH EKRA AmomatijienjngjsyWeme GmbH MEBA MeUllBatKlsagemasctiinen GmbH Messer Cuttmg & Welding GmbH Poly Op System GmbH S Co KG Slill GmbH Economic guiding lor innovative machines: The cost-effective FSRV sheet guide raits, especially suitable for large radii. arc used lor protective doors and housings. capacities and expertise with measuring and testing equipment enables the customer specific special products to be produced a( shod nolico to light schedules Torque shall: Example ol a shaft which was...

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Looking for ready-to-install solutions, Get to know Nadella as a system partner! Are you already making me best use ol your potential external specialists to produce and procure compo- nents that are not necessarily part of yout core expertise This is your opportunity to take a step that will have lasting benefits 'or your business Nadella is the complete system partner lor complex, multi-axial subassemblies in mechanical linear technology. In particular the Nadella construction kit system of linear modules contains all components in linear motion technology up to and including the interface motor:...

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Unoar and Motion Solutions • Universal motor connection almost every conmonly user) tlunged motor by moans of a metal bellows or elastomer claw coupling and motor * Transverse connection The transverse connection plain economical setup for right nnnjc axial connections and cantilever systems on whicb the constructed • Portal connectioa Portal contiguratioas arc recom- mended lor higher stresses and longer transverse travel. These without extreme C»ccss lengths Nadelta portal connecting plates • Standard combinations Nadel la plans and supplies ready- assembled complete systems These are provided...

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Do you like pleasant surprises? The all-round expertise of Nadella will give you a taste for satisfying collaboration. Mechanical motion technology is specific today that it has become (he course of this development. Nadella has been a leading motor of innovation from the very beginning - and remains open to Nadella was founded in Rueil-Malmaison in France in 1930 as Nadella S.A and is the oldest company dealing in the manufacture of needle bearings This expertise is apparent from the outset in Continuous practical development and collaboration with universities and research institutes have yielded...

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Lineai and Motion Solutions

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Linear and Motion Solutions NADELLA GmbH Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 28 71154 Nufringen Fon +49 (0)7032 9540-0 Fax +49 (0)7032 9540-25

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