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SH133/133T/166/166T/ 200/200T - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Large Envelope Robots High Speed: Improved short-pitch motion Large Working Envelope: A full 105.28” (2674 mm) for the 441 lb. (200 kg) model; a full 114.25” (2902 mm) for the 366 lb (166 kg) long-arm model Versatile Backward Reach: 75.28” (1912 mm) for SH133/SH166 and 76.06” (1932 mm) for SH200 allow for quick material handling Reduced Maintenance Cost: High reliability and fewer lubrication points Modular Design: Common platform allows payload changes in the field Large Payload Capability: Auxiliary payload can be mounted on the upper arm (55lbs. / 25 kg) or at axis 3 (99 lbs. / 45 kg) Built-in S-TRAC: Internal welding cable guide for spot welding is standard Press-to-Press Handling Deburring Palletizing Roller Hemming Press Brake

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SH133/133T/166/166T/200/200T BASIC SPECIFICATIONS Construction Numbers of Axes Drive Loading Weight Maximum Stroke Arm J1 J2 J3 Wrist J4 J5 J6 Maximum Arm J1 Velocity J2 J3 Wrist J4 J5 J6 Wrist Torque J4 J5 J6 Allowable J4 Moment of Inertia J5 J6 Repeatability Ambient Temperature Installation Robot Body Weight Wrist Forearm Swivel Back & Forth Up & Down Rotation 2 Bend Rotation 1 Swivel Back & Forth Up & Down Rotation 2 Bend Rotation 1 Rotation 2 Bend Rotation 1 Rotation 2 Bend Rotation 1 OPERATING RANGES For more information and specifications, please visit w w w. n a c h i r o b o t i c s ....

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