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Nachi Robot Catalog 2010 - 10 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. Head Office Toyama Plant 1 -1-1 Fujikoshi-Honmachi, Toyama 930-8511 Tel: 076-423-5111 Fax:076-493-5211 Tokyo Head Office Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg. 17F, 1-9-2 Higashi-Shinbashi, Tel: 03-5568-5240 Fax: 03-5568-5236 E-mail : webmaster@nachi-fujikoshi.co.jp Safety precautions • Before using the robots, review all documentation including operating instructions and other attached documents. Familiarize yourself with the contents in order to ensure proper robot operation. •When a robot is to be used for an application where robot trouble or operating errors may directly threaten the life or cause physical harm to personnel, a careful examination of its intended use is required. Contact a Nachi-Fujikoshi sales representative to provide details of the intended use. • Photos used in this document show the robots without safety fences, equipment, and devices that are required to comply with the applicable laws and regulations for ensuring safety. These photos are only provided to illustrate what is being described. •The external appearances, specifications, etc. of the products portrayed in this catalog are subject to change without notice due to improvements in

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Applicable for handling, assembly, de-burring, sealing, resistance welding, and arc welding MR MC VS STF LP NB NV series "Nimble" - performs actions with ease to create a smooth workflow. Fast, Strong, and Accurate. Handles heavy loads SC series Impressive size and mammoth strength allows for fast operations. Glass substrate transfer SCC STCF SJ series Designed for handling delicate processes while maintaining the flow of movement. 1 2

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Handling, Assembly, De-burring, and Sealing The Presto Series is the best partner for manufacturing. The Series support a wide range of customers’ needs such as handling, assembly, de-burring, sealing, spot welding and arc welding. Presto MC50 Presto MC20 LP130/180 4-axis palletizing robot This palletizing robot is very fast and super rigid. Wide range of loading operations packed in a small space to further increase speed and performance on packing lines. Presto LP130 MC20/10L Best Handling Robot in Its Class The Presto MC20/10L is your partner for improving productivity. With maneuverability...

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Handling, Resistance Welding, and Arc Welding Presto ST210F Applications FLEXhand Multi-purpose gripper for handling robot Flexibile to Various Work Shapes Servo drive allows non- step clamp stroke setting Synchronized to robot operation as an additional axis Big Stroke and Strong Gripping Force ST Presto ST133FA 133F/166F/210F 133TF/166TF/210TF A 120mm claw stoke allows handling of various work sizes Maximum gripping force is 3,600N (total all digits) Do Not Drop a Work While PowerDown Mounting a function to keep holding a work even during power down Fastest robot in its class The fastest operating...

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Handling of Heavy Loads The Forte Series of robots showcases NACHI's ability to handle heavy loads with large vertical articulation. Having the largest load capacity in the world, the Forte series robots can transport heavy loads previously accomplished by special machinery. SC300F/400L/500/700 Forte SC500 Robots for Handling Heavy Loads These robots are the only ones in the world that can transport heavy loads, such as car bodies, previously done by specialized machinery. Forte SC700 Forte SC400L Lifter A maximum of 4 pillars can simultaneously transport heavy and long items up and down. 7 Unrestricted...

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Glass Substrate Transferring Transferring large flat panel displays requires not only the ability to handle heavy objects, but also the dexterity to quickly and gently carry delicate glass substrates. The Artis Series has the exceptional characteristics to meet these demands. ST133CF/166CF/210CF Vertical articulated clean robot has great loading capabilities Improved damping and reduced cycle times by increasing speed and rigidity. Excellent for moving heavy items with a maximum load capability of 210 Kg (ST210CF). Artis ST133CF SC400LC Clean Robot with 6-axis Vertical Articulation Unique robot...

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AX Controller & Support Ware AX Controller & Support Ware The AX Series intelligent robot controller is based on WindowsNT™. The teach pendent centrally manages a network of visual and force sensors that allows for easy operation of robots andadditional axes. Various support software provides information on robot conditions and safe operation. AX Controller AX on Desk Easy operation using the touch panel Programming using the software PLC Built-in electronic manual for easy operation Ergonomic design enhances comfort Robot programming tool incorporated into your office computer! AX on Desk allows...

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Engineering Service Network World Service Network Centralized Robot Monitoring System The centralized robot monitoring system offers monitoring of multiple robots connected by a network. The system supports preventative maintenance by collecting statistical data, operation history, and maintenance support data to keep the robots operating smoothly. Robot Operation Monitoring System NACHI service center Remote failure analysis Nachi Canada Inc. Nachi U.K. Branch Nachi America Inc. Nachi Europe GmbH Remote Failure Analysis Korea Robot operation status monitor Nachi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. PC at robot...

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