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MV4/6/6L/16 - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

A servo control system with advanced acceleration method reduces cycle time. An independently articulated arm allows a full range of motion. Vibration restraining control virtually eliminates vibration – even when stopping at maximum speed. MV4 has a built-in coaxial cable to keep wire feeding constant as well as improve welding quality. MV6L has a longer reach arm to extend range and provide stability. MV16 has an increased payload capacity for heavier tooling capabilities. A P P L I C AT I O N S Arc Welding, including: TIG Welding MIG/MAG Welding

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Loading Weight on Wrist Drive Drive Capacity Position Feedback Maximum Stroke J1 Swivel J2 Back and Forth J3 Up and Down J1 Swivel J2 Back and Forth J3 Up and Down Maximum Velocity Ambient Temperature Robot Body Weight *Value shown in ( ) indicates wall-mounted conditions. For more information and specifications, please visit w w w. n a c h i r o b o t i c s . c o m

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