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AII Series Flyer - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Superior Operational Performance and Welding Quality

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Improved Manipulator Performance for Shorter Cycle Times Significant increase to the maximum speeds for the individual manipulator axes allow for even higher productivity than previous models. ⦾ Maximum Speed Comparison 800 Reliable Arc Start Performance for Absolute Welding Quality The All Series provides a smooth approach to the welding start point, resulting in improved welding quality. ⦾ Combine with a Compact Servo Torch for the "Ultimate Arc Start", resulting in even higher welding performance. Welding current: 150A Welding voltage: 16.5V Welding speed: 100cm/min DL350, Compact Servo Torch...

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Simple, Slim Design is Ideal for Arc Welding – the Fastest Robot in the Industry. Reduced Rear Interference Radius Rear extension reduced 3.54" (90 mm) from previous model, allowing a more space-saving installation. New Shock Sensor Torch 245 Servo Shock Sensor Interference detection sensitivity improved by 40% (from previous model) and control provided for decreasing the interference force, thus reducing collision damage. Built-in Cable Storage Neat cable layout prevents them from getting caught during robot operation. Liner clamping mechanism reduces deviation of wire position caused by changes...

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Through-arm Cable Design Provides Incredible Welding Performance, Operability and Maintainability for the Ideal Arc Welding Solution. Two Arm Lengths available: Standard and Long Reach From small to large workpieces, our robots can meet your application needs. Welding large workpieces Long-Reach Arm Type Cantilever Structure Provides Ease of Maintenance The cantilever structure of the upper arm allows complete access to the coaxial cable for easy maintenance and service. Built-in Coaxial Cable Provides Stable Wire Built-in power cable reduces wire bending, resulting in smooth, stable wire feeding...

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A Highly Versatile Manipulator for All Welding Applications. Improved Maintainability Robots can now be greased while the torch is mounted. Standardized motors between different robot models reduces the number of service parts. The width of the upper arm has been reduced from 5.51" to 5.28" (5.51 mm to 134 mm) – easing interference in tight spaces. Improved Dustproof and Waterproof Design Equivalent to IP54 (5/6 axes) The AII-V6 utilizes a completely sealed structure, preventing droplets in any direction from causing adverse effects. Servo Shock Sensor Interference detection sensitivity improved...

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Adaptable to Various Applications. Suitable for handling light articles as well as arc welding applications. Large Payload Capacity 13.2 lbs. (6 kg) payload capacity supports all welding applications including CO2/MAG, MIG and TIG. Increased Payload Capacity Advanced Operational Performance Payload capacity has been increased to 44.1 lbs. (20 kg), providing support for a wider variety of handling applications. Highly accurate positional repeatability is ±0.003" (0.07 mm). Wrist allowable moment has been improved by 20% over the previous model – provides high operational performance even when welding...

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Cabinet features Improved Resistance to Heat and Dustproofing and Improved Reliability in Global Environments. Controller with Higher Reliability and Maintainability Improved cooling efficiency and dustproofing provides reliable use in severe environments, including production lines with high duty cycles and high-temperature and high-humidity areas. ⦾ Easier addition of external axes than previous model. 450 Size and weight of drive unit reduced and single-touch connection of control cable improves maintainability Up to 16 axes controllable simply by adding an extension case Previous model (AX-C) Two-point...

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Fully-equipped with Functions Ensuring Absolute Quality Arc Data Monitor Function Reduction of Pauses During Welding With the previous model, arc outage during welding caused the robot to pause. Monitor welding current, welding voltage, wire feed load, etc. on the teach pendant. Connecting a DL350 additionally shows spatter suppression rates. ⦾Welding conditions monitored via teach pendant AX21 allows automatic restoration of robot operation under predefined conditions, such as the restart position and number of restarts. Productivity of the robot is significantly improved Helps reduce system...

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Teach Pendant User-Friendly Teach Pendant Provides Full Control for High Productivity and Optimal Welding Performance. Display Function Multi-window display function allows display information of up Assign frequently used instructions from simple icon instructions. Teaching time reduced by dedicated large color display Visual Operation Intuitive icon menu is easy ■Reduced Number Features like our Dedicated Keys, Seam Coordinate System, and Speed Collective Conversion reduce the overall number of key strokes Further Simplified Teaching Visual teaching input assistance ® Visualized teaching items Teaching...

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User-friendly Operation Advanced Interface Simple & speedy operation functions Touch Panel Teach Pendant ® Seam coordinate system Use of seam coordinate system allows movement in the direction of seam or wire extension simply by single-axis operation of the teach pendant. There's no need for multiple-axis key operation necessary with the previous model, simplifying teaching operation Seam Coordinate System ® Editing History Display Task programs and items of welding condition editing history can be sorted by date/time and program, allowing simple viewing of iStep Number: Management Functions ®...

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Manipulator Working Range *The figures below show working ranges of P-point with no torch mounted. Long Reach P-point Working Range 170° P-point Working Range P-point Working Range P-point Working Range

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Long Reach P-point Working Range 170° P-point Working Range P-point Working Range P-point Working Range

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Manipulator Working Range/Specifications *The figures below show working ranges of P-point with no torch mounted. Item Model Number Vertical articulated type Maximum Payload Driving Method Driving Capacity Positional Repeatability Absolute Encoder Position FeedbackJ1 (Rotation) Working Range P-point Working Range 170° P-point Maximum Speed Wrist Allowable Load Allowable Moment J5 (Bending) Allowable Moment of Inertia P-point Working Range Ambient Temperature/Humidity Mass (weight) Upper Arm Maximum Carrying Capacity Installation Method Origin Return Paint Color Arm: white / Base: blue

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