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Catalogue excerpts

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. Nachi's technology for machining parts for aircraft is contributing more to advances in manufacturing Aircraft Machining

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Manufacturing Industry Nachi is in a unique position as a manufacturer of both cutting tools and machining equipment to develop meet the diverse demands for manufacturing high-precision machin- To give the aircraft industry what they want, we provide solutions that bring together cutting tools and machining equipment based on our extensive materials technology, plus we offer high-quality support for machinery manufacturers. Producing blades for turbine disks for jet engines Jet engines intake air, compress it with compressor disks, then combustible gas is compressed to drive the turbine disks....

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Itanium Alloys The Ti-6A1-4V titanium alloy commonly used in disks, blades, and landing gear is 1/2 the weight of steel and has comparatively superior hardness and high-temperature strength. On top of that, it is corrosion resistant and non-magnetic. It also has low thermal conductivity. Because of the great affinity between the materials and cutting tools, be very careful of vibration during machining that causes welding and chipping of the blade, and chips that become cutting edges. |GSX MILL Series These carbide end mills have robust cutting edges combined with GSX coating that provides heat...

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Aluminum cutting Drills and End Mills for Aluminum Alloys The structural materials used in frames are comparatively lightweight aluminum alloys. However, high-performance cutting is necessary because more than 80% of the material is cut away and ejected as chips. Also, this work demands high quality for the thin-gage materials. We have the solid carbide DLC end mill and the NWEX that uses DLC coated replaceable inserts. | DLC Drill End Mill Series Special Drills and End Mills for Aluminum DLC coating has a low friction coefficient that reduces adhesion to aluminum, which has extreme surface smoothness....

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