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HX-6 - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

MEMRECAM HX-6 the most experienced name in high speed cameras High Speed Camera System The Memrecam HX series: the world’s most versatile family of high speed camera systems! Memrecam HX-6 FEATURES CMOS Sensor : 2560 X 1920— all Active Pixels (customer selectable) Electronic Shutter : Variable Framing Profile : Test using a variety of frame rates, sequentially or in parallel. Versatile Recording: Burst, multi-trigger, restart-trigger and image trigger. A-EST Mode : High resolution timing and sync system to < 100 nanoseconds. Straddle Mode : Inter-frame time for PIV applications equals 250 nanoseconds. Dual Segment Recording : Simultaneously record to two distinct memory segments at two different imaging speeds. Ultra-High Light Sensitivity Ruggedized for Range Use NAC’s Memrecam HX-6 offers an astounding 5 Mega Pixel resolution at up to 1,000 fps, Full HD resolution at up to 2,330 fps, 1 Mega Pixel resolution at up to 4,600 fps, and so much more! The HX-6 gives the user the best possible solutions: the highest resolutions available; the highest light sensitivity available; and ultra fast imaging. When it comes to reliable, high-quality, high-speed camera systems, make the proven choice with NAC and you’ll see the visible difference! Providing quality and reliability since 1958

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High Speed Camera System Max fps @ Format Memrecam HX6 High Resolution Mode Imaging Formats Optical Format Other Formats Memrecam HX6 High Speed Mode Max Res (pixels) Optical Format Memory Option Maximum fps * Note: Recording Time Depends on Memory Configuration, Resolution, Frame Rate and Image Bit Depth. Recording Time (seconds) = [(Memory Configuration X 1024 X 1,000,000) / (Resolution/Frame)] / (Frames/Second) Resolution/Frame (Bytes) = (Horizontal pixels X Vertical Pixels X Bit Depth/8) NAC Image Technology Memrecam High Speed Camera Systems also Feature: • Auto Exposure Control • Memory...

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