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RS series
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Catalog excerpts

Precision Reduction Gear RV Turntable Gearhead

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Contributing to society with our ‘Moving it. Stopping it.’ technologies Nabtesco's technologies supporting society Nabtesco manufactures products which are used in everyday life. Our high-accuracy components are essential for moving objects; they may be rarely visible, but are the foundation of everyday objects that you see moving and wonder how. Nabtesco’s technologies are found throughout objects that move and stop people’ s lives. Do or s Ro bo ts Precision reduction gears precisely move and stop industrial robots. Co ns tru cti on ma ch ine ry Running motors and control valves start and stop...

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CONTENTSWho is Nabtesco? The key words for Nabtesco are ‘motion control'. We use our strengths in the fields of component and systems technologies to develop highly creative products. Through the Nabtesco Group as a whole, we can also utilize our advantage of expertise to maximum effect in order to further enhance these strengths. In the air, on land and at sea, we have a leading share in various fields of both international and domestic markets. Nabtesco will continue to evolve by utilizing its strengths in many fields and by exploring the possibilities of the future. April 2002 Initiation of...

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RS Series Eliminates Turntable Problems! Precision Reduction Gear RV Industrial robot Market share Industrial robot (vertical articulated robot) joints Machine tool ATC drive units Precision Reduction Gear RV enables the precision movements of industrial robots and also ensures their strength. Precision Reduction Gear RV has been praised for being compact and lightweight while offering high precision and rigidity. Since its debut in 1985, Precision Reduction Gear RV has been selected for use by most major industrial robot manufacturers around the world. 60% share of global market *1 80% share...

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Precision Gearhead The RS Series continues the success of Nabtesco’s world-leading RV series of precision reduction gears. These low profile gearheads are pre-lubricated with a sealed structure and are available in three types to suit different load capacities. Each type comes with dedicated fasteners that allow it to be mounted on all major motors for immediate use. As well as reducing the time needed for adjustment, the RS Series significantly decreases both design and component requirements. Motor flange Input spline Simple mounting Motor fastener components

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Advantages of RS Series More components increase assembly and adjustment times… Reduced height Integrated transmission section! Fewer parts! Easier installation! Simplified design! Individual features of RS Series Wiring and piping can be easily accomplished thanks to the center section and through hole. Pre-lubricated reduction gear can be installed easier by only mounting the motor. Use of a large, built-in main bearing makes it possible to support heavy loads. Backlash of 1 arc.min or less enables highly accurate positioning. Three-way aperture for wiring and piping simplies design and installation. Integrated...

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Structure and rotation directions RS-260A Center pipe (Through hole for wiring and piping) Motor flange Output surface Spline Input spline Opening for wiring and piping RS-320A Center pipe (Through hole for wiring and piping) Output surface Spline Motor flange Servomotor Opening for wiring and piping Center pipe (Through hole for wiring and piping) Output surface Spline Motor flange Servomotor Input spline Opening for wiring and piping With the RS-260A, RS-320A and RS-900A, the rotation direction of the output shaft and servo motor differs. Note: The areas indicate output rotation sections.

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Main RS Series applications Welding turntables Index tables Positioners for heavy welding (rotary axis, tilting axis)

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RS series model codeProduct code RS

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Note: 1. The Rating Table shows the specification values of each individual reduction gear. 2. The allowable output speed may be limited by heat depending on the operating rate. Make sure that the surface temperature of the reduction gear does not exceed 60°C during use. 3. The inertia moment value is for the reduction gear. It does not include the inertia moment for the input gear. 4. The allowable moment will differ depending on the thrust load. Check the allowable moment diagram (p. 26). 5. For the moment rigidity and torsional rigidity, refer to the calculation of tilt angle and the torsion...

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Input spline External dimensionsStraight shaft (with key) Model

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Considering the use of the RS Series This product features high precision and high rigidity, however, it is necessary to strictly comply with various restrictions and make considerations to maximize the product’s features. Please read this technical document thoroughly and select and adopt an appropriate model based on the actual operating environment, method, and conditions at your facility. Export • When this product is exported from Japan, it may be subject to the export regulations provided in the “Foreign Exchange Order and Export Trade Control Order”. Be sure to take sufficient precautions...

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Glossary Rated service life Torsional rigidity, lost motion, backlash The lifetime resulting from the operation with the rated torque and the rated output speed is referred to as the “rated service life”. When a torque is applied to the output shaft while the input shaft is fixed, torsion is generated according to the torque value. The torsion can be shown in the hysteresis curves. The value of b/a is referred to as “torsional rigidity”. The torsion angle at the mid point of the hysteresis curve width within ±3% of the rated torque is referred to as “lost motion”. The torsion angle when the torque...

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Product Selection Product selection flowchart Step 1. Set items required for selection. (P.18, 19) Setting of equipment to be verified Reduction gear mounting direction Review load conditions. Re-evaluate operation pattern. YES Setting of operation conditions Weight of the equipment to be verified Configuration of the equipment to be verified Rotation angle Rotation time Cycle time Operating hours per day Operating days per year Step 2. Checking of operating environment Verify the operating environment. (P.18, 19) Ambient temperature Locations where the product Humidity cannot be installed Altitude...

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