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Precision Reduction Gear RV Precision Gearhead

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Contributing to Society with Our ‘Moving it. Stopping it.’ Technologies Nabtesco's technologies supporting society Nabtesco manufactures products which are used in everyday life. Our high-accuracy components are essential for moving objects; they may be rarely visible, but are the foundation of everyday objects that you see moving and wonder how. Nabtesco’s technologies are found throughout objects that move and stop people’ s lives. Do or s Ro bo ts Precision reduction gears precisely move and stop industrial robots. Co ns tru cti on ma ch ine ry Running motors and control valves start and...

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Who is Nabtesco? The key word of Nabtesco is ‘motion control.’ We use our strengths in the fields of component and systems technologies to develop highly creative products. Through the Nabtesco Group as a whole, we can also utilize our advantage of expertise to maximum effect in order to further enhance these strengths. In the air, on land and at sea, we have a leading share in various fields of both international and domestic markets. Nabtesco will continue to evolve by utilizing its strengths in many fields and by exploring the possibilities of the future. Business Merger in 2003 Motion...

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RD2: The gear that will change everything A highly developed Precision Reduction Gear RV that offers high quality, high performance and ease of use. TM Precision Reduction Gear RV Industrial robot Market share Industrial robot (vertical articulated robot) joints Machine tool ATC drive units Precision Reduction Gear RV enables the precision movements of industrial robots and also ensures their strength. Precision Reduction Gear RV has been praised for being compact and lightweight while offering high precision and rigidity. Since its debut in 1985, Precision Reduction Gear RV has been...

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Precision Gearhead RD2 Series Nabtesco took Precision Reduction Gear RV, the most advanced in the industry, and created the RD Series. The RD Series is a pre-lubricated model with a sealed structure that can be easily mounted on all major motors. The RD2 Series, a new version with three input configurations, offers customers dramatically expanded freedom of design. Simple mounting Motor fastener components

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RD2 Series Product Line RD2 Series: Designed to meet a variety of customer needs Right angle input type Straight input type Solid series Pulley input type Allows compact equipment design Many ratios available

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Right angle input type Straight input type Hollow shaft series Pulley input type Reduces the number of components needed Pre-lubricated Our specialized, environmentally conscious lubricant VIGOGREASE RE0 Easy installation High reliability Easy mount Fluorine is used for all oil seals

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Solutions from Nabtesco Nabtesco RD2 Series offer a variety of solutions ■ Standard Epicyclic Gear Low contact ratio and low resistance to impacts Typical gear is damaged by shock load ■ Typical equipment Bearings and external support table are needed More components Higher assembly cost Higher design cost ■ RD2 Series Use of pin/gear mechanism results in high contact ratio and considerable impact resistance Emergency stop High reliability for your machine ■ RD2 Series Integrated large-capacity External bearings and support table are not needed Reduced number of components Reduced cost of...

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■ Typical equipment Reduction gear thickness + motor length + space for motor removal Equipment needs increased space Cable routing is difficult ■ RD2 Series Only the thickness of the reduction gear itself Right angle and pulley models can be used for a lower profile Allows routing of cables. Hollow shaft series also available Improved layout Backlash: 1 arc.min for straight input and pulley input type 1.5 arc.min for right angle input type (except some models) High backlash leads to poor repeatability Highly precise positioning is possible 7

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/ Examples of Uses for the RD2 Series (for reference) ■ Positioner (tilting axis) ■ Positioner (rotary axis) ■ Glass Substrate/ Wafer Rotation and Positioning ■ Palletizing Robots ■ Ball Screw Drive ■ AGV Drive

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Difference Between RD Series and RD2 Series 1. Simplified motor mounting Integrated coupling makes mounting easy With the previous series, the coupling was an accessory, but on the RD2 Series the coupling is built into the input unit. This simplifies the process of mounting the servo motor to the reduction gear. 2. Compact design Reduced total length Compared to the previous series, the total length in the axial direction has been reduced by up to 15%. Note: • Use of the same motor model is being studied. • This diagram shows a comparison between the RD-010C and the RDS-010C. 3. Center pipe...

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Product Code Selection http://precision.nabtesco.com/ 1. Verify reduction gear capacity (model code selection). Step 1: Establish items needed for selection. Step 2: Verify reduction gear load. Step 3: Select reduction gear. Step 4: Verify input unit specifications. Note: For flow charts and calculation methods, see pages 103 – 111 of the Technical Documents. 2. Select input unit and motor flange / bushing. (1) Click on the manufacturer, series and model for the servo motor that you are using. (2) In the reduction gear list, click on the desired type of reduction gear. (3) The product codes...

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Overview of Features (listed by input type) Product Product features Corresponding speed ratio Allowable acceleration and deceleration torque (Nm) External dimensions Straight input type Solid series ● The total length in the axial direction has been reduced by up to 15% as compared to the previous series. Straight input type Reduction gear configuration Servo motor Hollow shaft Right angle input type Input type ● Equipment can be more compact ● Can be installed in confined space Servo motor ● Table can be made shorter Hollow shaft Solid series Pulley input type ● Belt input is possible ●...

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Straight input type

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Straight Input Type Product Codes / Configuration Diagram RD S - 040 E - 153 - B2 - CF - 1E Model Code Torque code Series code Ratio Code Input unit code B2 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø14 to 24 B3 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø25 to 35 B2 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø14 to 24 B3 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø25 to 35 B4 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø19 to 28 B5 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø32 to 42 B4 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø19 to 28 B5 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø32 to 42 B0 : Corresponding motor shaft diameter Ø8...

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