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Precision gears
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Catalogue excerpts

Find the right gear solution for your individual application QUICKFINDER COMPONENT SETS Solid shaft Hollow shaft Solid shaft High output speed Solid shaft Without bearing support Solid shaft Solid shaft Solid shaft

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About Nabtesco Mode of operation Services Customising Component sets Gearheads Distributor network Solid shaft Hollow shaft Hollow shaft Hollow shaft Hollow shaft Integrated rectangular gear Solid shaft For magazines and change systems Solid shaft High output speed

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ABOUT NABTESCO More than 6 million references for excellent work Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH – part of the Nabtesco Group – is the world's largest and most recognised manufacturer of cycloidal gears. Thanks to their special technology, these precision gears are extremely robust and, simultaneously, highly precise. The combined engineering expertise of more than three decades is incorporated in these high-quality gears. All of this makes them ideal for applications in many high-tech fields. More than 6 million gears from Nabtesco are in use around the world. They are used in more than 60 % of...

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Cycloidal gears offer unbeatable advantages The two-stage reduction of cycloidal gears makes solutions from Nabtesco Precision so successful. The reason is that the speed is reduced by the double cams. Vibration is reduced by the two-stage reduction principle and low inertia. The force is also distributed very evenly, thanks to the roller cam design, and this contributes to the minimum hysteresis loss and enormous resistance to shock loading. Consequently, cycloidal gears are as versatile as they are resilient. The drive or servomotor is connected to the spur gear stage of the gearbox via a pinion....

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Our service is similar to our gears: fast, resilient and effective We have expanded our European centre in Düsseldorf to make it into a unique service hub for you. • Large warehouse for the fastest deliveries possible • Fast-response, professional service team • Production shop for finishing, final assembly and custom products on location • Prototype construction, test series and live demonstrations With this range of services, we can help you with any questions which arise concerning drives and gears and the development of your application. Our specialists are capable of producing a prototype...

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Precisely what you need, in the shortest of time frames

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Developing special solutions and manufacturing custom products is something we have always done for our clients. Today, we are going even one step further with customising. Whether it is a drive train or a cover, a motor flange or an input gear: there are many details which one can adapt in order to match our gears exactly to your application. With a team of experienced development engineers and our service team in Düsseldorf, we can implement all these requests professionally and quickly. Often the right combination of existing components is all you need. In such cases, we can supply you with...

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Fast and precise for heavy loads Nabtesco component sets work with extreme precision, extremely low vibrations, and low inertia. Their special construction means they are particularly immune to shock loads and permit high levels of torque. RV-N series The RV-N solid shaft gears with reduced weight at high output torques and high reduction ratios are optimally suited for smaller installation spaces. RV-C series The RV-C series has a hollow shaft with a diameter of up to 138 mm which, for example, facilitates the routing of data and power supply cables. RV series The RV series is the basic version...

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COMPONENT SETS Solid shaft Compact construction, reduced weight: ideal for robotics Nabtesco has developed especially compact, lightweight and powerful gear units: the RV-N series. They are used wherever high torque ratings are required, yet little space is available. The compact design is achieved by a main bearing with an integrated inner ring. The reinforcement of the crankshaft bearing produces a very high power density. In addition, all gear components have been optimised using FEM analysis and subjected to the latest manufacturing processes.

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• Robotics • Medical technology • Machine tools • Positioning Efficiency level up to 85 % Shock load max. 5 times rated torque Extremely precise and low wear, hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin, long service life Finely graduated sizes rated torques from 245 Nm to 7.000 Nm

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COMPONENT SETS Hollow shaft The powerhouse with open centre RV-C gears are your ideal choice for very demanding applications. They have a hollow shaft through which power supply cables, drive shafts, etc. can be fed. The RV-C component sets are compact, lightweight and offer high torsional and moment rigidity. Thus, the RV-C gear series reaches exceptional repeat and path accuracy. • 5-axis CNC machining centers • Robotics • Medical technology • Antenna systems • Hollow shaft (for routing cables, etc.) • High precision (hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin) • Les

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High speed in the smallest of spaces RF-P gears were developed for fast applications in small spaces. They are immune to high shock loads, are low-maintenance, and designed for high speeds. That makes them the ideal candidate for pick & place, handling or positioning applications. AREAS OF USE    ADVANTAGES • Robotics (particularly    • High output speeds of up to 200 rpm delta and scara robots)    • Fast cycle times • Automated Guide Vehicle (AGV)    • High precision (hysteresis loss < 2 arc min.) • Pick & place applications    • Long service life 20.000 h • Handling and positioning systems

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Solid shaft Low backlash at high reduction ratios The RV series is the basic version of our precision gears. It enables the achievement of high reduction ratios. As the force is transmitted via rollers, RV gears are characterised by higher precision and low hysteresis loss. RV gears are especially compact, thanks to the external bearing support, and are capable of determining the output support themselves. This makes them the ideal solution for integrated applications which exactly reflect your specifications.

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