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Heat Treatment of Metals - 40 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Madein Germany >

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Made in Germany Nabertherm, and our more than 300 employees worldwide, have been developing and producing industrial furnaces and heat treatment systems for many different applications for over 50 years. 150,000 satisfi ed customers in 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to build quality equipment cost-effectively. Our modern production facilities and wide range of standard furnaces, allows us to deliver solutions tailored to your needs quickly and for an exceptional value. Setting standards in quality and reliability Our products range from standard furnaces to fl exible, state-of-the-art...

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W 21875/26AS bogie hearth furnace for coil preheating, available for charge weights up to 50 tons > Cooling fan for shorter process times Motor-driven valve actuators Custom model of air circulation bogie hearth furnace W 28800/26AS for curing cast plastic parts 5 >

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Air circulation bogie hearth furnace with box for annealing under protective gas (see page 22/23) Bogie hearth furnace Bogie hearth furnace with air circulation and customized load supports for cylindrical loads >

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N 560/45HAN 3920/26HAS N 560/26.. - N 10000/45.. These low-temperature chamber furnaces are available for maximum working temperatures of 260 C or 450 аC. They can be used for various processes such as preheating, drying, curing, artifi cial ageing, soft annealing, and tempering. These furnaces are suited for use with baskets, pallets as well as mobile furnace racks. The charging can be carried out with fork lift, pallet truck or charging trolley. All furnaces are available with electric or gas heating. Maximum Temperatures up to 260 C or 450 аC Heated electrically or indirectly with gas Electrical...

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N 285/HAS with air-circulation for prehe-ating of deep-drawing tools Semi automatic heat treatment system with two furnaces N 250/65HA , fi tted with pneumatic lifting door and movable roller conveyor for easy furnace unloading. 13 >

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S 120/65A with annealing box and cooling platform for fast cooling Automatic gas supply panel for annealing box Vacuum pump for evacuating the box while cold N 250/65HA with protective gas annealing box Annealing boxes for models N 30/45 HA - N 500/85 HA, S 30/45A - S 500/85A Using annealing boxes, you can operate our standard air circulation furnaces, modelsN 30/45 HA - N 500/85 HA and models S 30/45 A - S 500/85A, under a defi ned protective atmosphere. This allows processes such as bright annealing, annealing under protective gas, or curing of copper alloys.On standard models, the boxes are...

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Bogie hearth furnace with two electro-hy-draulically lift-doors Furnace system with bogie transfer shuttle for semi-automatic charging, and two offl ine charging positions W 10800/HS1 with divided bogie for easier movement of heavy loadsSteel grid on bogie for charging heavy loads and wall elements protected by SiC tiles 19 >

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N 691/S with two-piece door Furnace system consisting of 4 x Annealing furnace with electro-hydraulic lift-dooron transportable base for preheating of large steel sheets for the automotive industry. > (for more detail see pages 22/23) N 321/S with powered charging cart 21 >

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Our protective gas and carburization modules allow you to upgrade our annealing and hardening furnaces into a compact annealing and hardening system as an economical alternative to expensive vacuum systems and protective gas furnaces. We can recommend different systems based on your application. Our professional R & D department will be pleased to test your product samples in order to specify the right heat treatment equipment for you. Annealing Box Our annealing boxes with lid sealing may be used for carburizing, annealing and hardening in neutral atmospheres, powder nitriding or boriding. Your...

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Protective gas box used in a large bogie hearth furnace with air circulation 23 >

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SHS 41 This compact system is very suitable for hardening under protective atmosphere and subsequent quenching of the charge under protective gas in oil. Hence, this system can be used for hardening processes that would otherwise require complex furnace systems. In our modern research center we can carry out tests and experiments with different materials to specify the right heat treatment process for you.An annealing box with protective gas port containing the work pieces is charged into the furnace. After fi nishing the heat treatment, the box is extracted out manually and placed onto the quenching...

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TSB 30/30 with Exhaust gas collection at crucible rim TS 40/40 TS 20/15 - TS(B) 70/90 Salt-bath furnaces offer remarkably high temperature uniformity and excellent heat transfer to the work piece. Our salt-bath furnaces TS 20/15 TS (B) 70/90 are especially useful for heat-treating of metals in neutral or active salt baths. Processes such as nitriding after Tenifer treatment up to 600 ְC, carburizing up to 950 C, or bright annealing up to 1000 аC can be realized. Maximum temperatures of 750 C or 1000 аC Bath temperature control Electric (TS) all-round heating, gas heating on demand (Model TSB)...

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N 81/MA N 21/M N 321/MA These gas tight retort furnaces are particularly suitable for annealing processes requiring a constant defi ned atmosphere in the furnace chamber. The gas tight furnace chamber is made from heat resistant steel. The door is sealed by means of a rubber sealing gasket. The sealing fl ange is water-cooled. As an option, the furnaces are also available with a gas circulation fan in the retort to further improve temperature uniformity. At ambient temperature, you can evacuate the furnace chamber with our optional vacuum pump, which reduces the gas consumption considerably during...

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Annealing retort with gas circulation Annealing retort without gas circulation S 100/R - S 1000/RA These pit-type retort furnaces are particularly suitable for annealing of heavy charges or charge baskets handled by crane which require heat treatment under protective gas in a defi ned atmosphere. Just like the models N 21/M etc., these furnaces can be evacuated at ambient temperatures to reduce gas consumption during pre-purging. Alternatively, furnaces S 500/RA and larger are available with interior retort gas circulation to further improve temperature uniformity. S 100/R - S 1000/R Pit-type...

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