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FOR OVER 50 YEARS SPECIALISTS IN VACUUM-PRESSURE TECHNIQUE Naaktgeboren Rotterdam B.V. has been an active innovator in the field of vacuum-pressure technique for over 50 years. The first vacuum-pressure truck left the factory as early as 1949. Eleven years later – in 1960 – Naaktgeboren Rotterdam B.V. introduced the first blowing unit for the pneumatic transport of dry products. This machine became the basis of the Vacu-Press® toda

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Vacu-Press® pumps are characterised by their free wedge locks, the filter compartment can be ability to move large quantities of air at a high of completely emptied via the large oval hatch, the rear low vacuum and their high continuous overpressure and the filter compartment door can be opened over induced by blowing. The ingenious cooling air system the diameter of the tank and the filter elements are means the units can produce a high vacuum and be easily removable. highly efficient. Thanks to an advanced lubrication system and the strenght of the pump, both low The good reputation of the Vacu-Press®...

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COMPLETE RANGE OF PRODUCTS Naaktgeboren complete right specific pneumatic transport problems, where vacuum engineering, bulk transport or related areas are concerned. The installation can be fitted in a container or on a truck chassis or trailer/semi-trailer. CONSTANT INNOVATION Naaktgeboren Rotterdam B.V. deals with product development on a large scale, based on its extensive experience and knowledge. This enables the company to be at the forefront when it comes to making the transportation of material by suction and blowing faster, safer and more convenient. Knowledge and expertise Knowledge...

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INDUSTRIAL VACUUM PRESSURE SYSTEMS Postbus 10153 3004 AD Rotterdam Zestienhovensekade 138 3043 KV Rotterdam

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