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Performance. Reliability. Cost-effectiveness

For your success.

More profit

The optimized maintenance concept with cylinder

units simplifies accessibility and, along with the

reduction of the number of different parts, minimizes

the time required for maintenance. This saves up to

20% in service costs. At the same time you profit from

up to 30% less lubricating oil consumption compared

to other engines.

Longer runtimes

Thanks to the extended service intervals, the

TGC 2032 runs up to 200 hours longer per

annum than comparable products.

Greater reliability

The particle-free combustion with chamber plugs

extends the service intervals for the exhaust gas heat

exchanger and reduces service costs compared to

other combustion methods.

Optimum efficiency

State-of-the-art technologies, such as the optimized

gas mixer and TEM (Total Electronic Management),

ensure efficient operation even with such difficult

gases as mine gas, landfill gas, or sewage gas. This is

also true when the gas composition is fluctuating -

thanks to fast response times due to the temperature

monitoring for each cylinder. TEM not only controls

the engine, but the entire system, including heat


Full turbo power

The new high-pressure turbo charger A140 in combi-

nation with optimized gas exchange allows the engine

to run at full power, even under tropical conditions.

TCG 2032
  1. P. 1 TCG 2032 Efficiency straight down the line. MWM'1 Energy. Efficiency. Environment.
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    The TCG 2032. Top performance from MWM - used successfully worldwide. Precision Energy, Bangladesh In 2010, MWM shipped 15 TCG 2032 V16s...
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    Technical data 50 Hz Engine type TCG 2032 V12 TCG 2032 V16 Bore/stroke Displacement Speed Mean piston speed Length Width Height Dry...
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    MWM GmbH Carl-Benz-Strafie 1 DE-68167 Mannheim T+49 621 384-0 F +49 621 384-8800 ¡ MWM Energy Australia Pty. Ltd. 21...
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