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Video Amplifier MSK 1461 - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

FE A T URES: Ex tremely F ast - 5 0 0 v/µS W ide Supply Range ± 1 5 V to ± 4 5 V V M OS Output, No Secondary Breakdo w n Large G ain-Band w idth Product FE T Input Electrically Isolated C ase 8 0 0m A T ypical Output Current A vailable as SM D # 5 9 6 2-9 0 5 0 0 0 1 H X DES CRIPTIO N: T he M S K 1 4 6 1 is a state of the art high speed FE T input operational amplifier. T he distinguishing characteristic of the M S K 1 4 6 1 is its unique V M O S output stage w hich completely eliminates the safe operating area restrictions associated w ith secondary breakdo w n of bipolar transistor output stage op-amps. Freedom from secondary breakdo w n allo w s the 1 4 6 1 to handle large output currents at any voltage le v el limited only by transistor junction temperature. 1 1 5 dB of open loop gain giv es the 1 4 6 1 high closed loop gain accurac y and the t ypical ± 1 . 0 m V of input offset voltage w ill fit w ell in any error budget. A 5 0 0 V /µS sle w rate and 1 2 0 0 M H z gain band w idth product make the 1 4 6 1 an outstanding high-speed op-amp. A single e x ternal capacitor is used for compensation and output current limiting is user programmable through the selection of t w o e x ternal resistors. T YPIC A L A PPLIC A TIO NS Video Yoke Drivers V ideo Distribution A mplifiers High A ccurac y A udio A mplification High Speed A T E Pin Driv ers Inv erting Input Non-Inv erting Input No C onnection No C onnection N egativ e Po w er Supply N egativ e C urrent Limit No C onnection O ffset A djust O ffset A djust Compensation Compensation Positive Po w er Supply Positive C urrent Limit Output Re v. D 1 2/0 7

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Supply Voltage O utput C urrent Differential Input V oltage Storage Temperature Range T LD Lead T emperature Range (1 0 Seconds) T C C ase O perating T emperature (MSK 1 4 6 1B/E) (M S K 1 4 6 1) Junction T emperature TJ STATIC Supply V oltage Range 3 Q uiescent C urrent T hermal Resistance INPU T Input O ffset V oltage Input O ffset V oltage Drift Input O ffset A djust 3 Input Bias C urrent Input O ffset C urrent 3 Input Impedance 3 Either Input C ommon M ode Range 3 C ommon M ode Rejection Ratio 3 O U TPU T O utput V oltage S w ing O utput C urrent, Peak Settling Time 2 3 TR A NSFER C H A R...

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APPLIC A TIO N N O TES HE A T SIN KIN G T o select the correct heat sink for your application, refer to the thermal model and gov erning equation belo w . C URREN T LIMIT T he output current of the M S K 1 4 6 1 is internally limited to approximately ± 7 5 0 m A by t w o 0 . 8Ω internal current limit resistors. A dditional current limit can be achieved through the use of t w o e x ternal current limit resistors. O ne resistor ( + R S C ) limits the positiv e output current and the other (-R S C ) limits the negativ e output current. T he v alue of the current limit resistors can be determined...

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ES D TRIA N GLE IN DIC A T ES PIN 1 . W EIG H T = 7 . 2 GR A M S T YPIC A L N O T E: A LL DIM EN SIO N S A RE ± 0 . 0 1 0 U NLESS O T HER WISE L A BELED. ORDERIN G IN F ORM A TIO N Part Number Screening Level 4 7 0 7 D e y Road, Liv erpool, N e w Y ork 1 3 0 8 8 Phone (3 1 5) 7 0 1-6 7 5 1 F A X (3 1 5) 7 0 1-6 7 5 2 w w w .mskennedy.com T he information contained herein is belie v ed to be accurate at the time of printing. M S K reserv es the right to make changes to its products or specifications w ithout notice, ho w e v er, and assumes no liabilit y for the use of its products. Please visit...

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