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Rad Hard Products MSK 0002RH - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

M.S.KENNEDY CORP. RAD HARD, HIGH SPEED, BUFFER AMPLIFIER FEATURES: Radiation Hardened to 100 Krads(Si) (Method 1019.7 Condition A) Radiation Hardened LH0002 Replacement High Input Impedance-180KΩ Min Low Output Impedance-10Ω Max Low Harmonic Distortion DC to 30 MHz Bandwidth Slew Rate is Typically 400 V/μS Operating Range from±5V to ±20V Available to DSCC SMD 5962-78013 Equivalent Non Rad Hard Device MSK 0002 DESCRIPTION: The MSK 0002RH is a general purpose current amplifier. It is the industry wide RAD tolerant replacement for the LH0002. The device is ideal for use with an operational amplifier in a closed loop configuration to increase current output. The MSK 0002RH is designed with a symmetrical output stage that provides low output impedances to both the positive and negative portions of output pulses. The MSK 0002RH is packaged in a hermetic 8 lead low profile T0-5 header and is specified over the full military temperature range. EQUIVALENT SCHEMATIC TYPICAL APPLICATIONS PIN-OUT INFORMATION High Speed D/A Conversion 30MHz Buffer Line Driver Precision Current Source

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ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Tc Case Operating Temperature TST Storage Temperature Range. . -65°C to + 1 50°C ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS © Unless otherwise specified ± VCC = ± 1 2VDC, Rl_ = 1 KQ.. (2) Subgroups 5 & 6 shall be tested as part of device initial characterization and after design and process changes. Parameter shall be guaranteed to the limits specified for subgroups 5 & 6 for all lots not specifically tested. (5) Devices shall be capable of meeting the parameter, but need not be tested. (5) Refer to SMD 5962-78013 for electrical parameters for devices purchased as such. © Continuous operation...

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APPLICATION NOTES HEAT SINKING To determine if a heat sink is necessary for your application and if so, what type, refer to the thermal model and governing equation below. Thermal Model: RΘSA = ((TJ - TA)/PD) - (RΘJC) - (RΘCS) = ((125°C - 80°C) / 0.36W) - 55°C/W - 0.15°C/W = 125 - 55.15 = 69.9°C/W This heat sink in this example must have a thermal resistance of no more than 69.9°C/W to maintain a junction temperature of no more than +125°C. Typical Applications: Governing Equation: TJ=PD X (RΘJC +RΘCS +RΘSA) +TA Where TJ=Junction Temperature PD=Total Power Dissipation RΘJC=Junction to Case Thermal...

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MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS WEIGHT = 1 GRAM TYPICAL BOTTOM VIEW ALL DIMENSIONS ARE ±0.010 INCHES UNLESS OTHERWISE LABELED 4707 Dey Road, Liverpool, New York 13088 The information contained herein is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. MSK reserves the right to make changes to its products or specifications without notice, however, and assumes no liability for the use of its products. Please visit our website for the most recent revision of this datasheet.

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