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Power Pems MSK 4225 - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

M.S.KENNEDY CORP. • Low Cost, Non-Hermetic, Complete H-Bridge •20 Amp Capability, 75 Volt Maximum Rating • Self-contained Smart Lowside/Highside Drive Circuitry • Internal 45KHz PWM Generation, Shoot-through Protection • Isolated Case Allows Direct Heatsinking • Logic Level Disable Input • Logic Level High Side Enable Input for Special Modulation or Function The MSK 4225 is a complete H-Bridge circuit to be used for DC brushed motor control or Class D switchmode amplifi- cation. All of the drive/control circuitry for the lowside and highside switches are internal to the circuit. The 45KHz PWM circuitry is internal as well, leaving the user to only provide an analog signal for the motor speed/direction, or audio signal for switchmode audio amplification. The MSK 4225 is constructed in a space efficient plastic power package that can be directly bolted to a heatsink. EQUIVALENT SCHEMATIC TYPICAL APPLICATIONS PIN-OUT INFORMATION

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ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS V+ VCC IOUT IPK VOUT θJC High Voltage Supply 6 75V Logic Supply 16V Continuous Output Current 20A Peak Output Current 40A Output Voltage Range GND -2V min. to V + max. Thermal Resistance 3.0°C/W (Output Switches @ 125°C) TST Storage Temperature Range TLD Lead Temperature Range (10 Seconds) TC Case Operating Temperature MSK4225 TJ Junction Temperature ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Parameter Tc= +25°C Unless Otherwise Specified Test Conditions Intrinsic Diode VDS(ON) Voltage Instantaneous Forward Voltage Reverse Recovery Time Each MOSFET IS=20A Intrinsic Diode Leakage Current...

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APPLICATION NOTES TYPICAL SYSTEM OPERATION MSK 4225 PIN DESCRIPTIONS VCC - Is the low voltage supply for powering internal logic and drivers for the lowside and highside MOSFETS. The supplies for the highside drivers are derived from this voltage. V+ - Is the higher voltage H-bridge supply. The MOSFETS obtain the drive current from this supply pin. The voltage on this pin is limited by the drive IC. The MOSFETS are rated at 75 volts. Proper by-passing to GND with sufficient capacitance to suppress any voltage transients, and to ensure removing any drooping during switching, should be done as close...

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MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS BOTH SIDES BOTH SIDES BOTH SIDES MOUNTING TORQUE: 3-4 INCH POUNDS WEIGHT = 36.9 GRAMS TYPICAL NOTE: ALL DIMENSIONS ARE ±0.010 UNLESS OTHERWISE LABELED. CAUTION: THIS IS A NON-HERMETIC DEVICE. DO NOT EXPOSE PLASTIC HOUSING TO LIQUID 4704 Dey Road, Liverpool, New York 13088 The information contained herein is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. MSK reserves the right to make changes to its products or specifications without notice, however, and assumes no liability for the use of its products. Please visit our website for the most recent revision of this datasheet.

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