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Motor controls MSK 3001 - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

IX/fSf^ THREE PHASE BRIDGE OHHI MOSFET POWER MODULE OUU I M.S.KENNEDY CORP. • P and N Channel MOSFETs for Ease of Drive • Isolated Package for Direct Heat Sinking, Excellent Thermal Conductivity • Avalanche Rated Devices • Interfaces Directly with Most Brushless Motor Drive IC's • 100 Volt, 5 Amp Full Three Phase Bridge at 25°C The MSK 3001 is a three phase bridge power circuit packaged in a space efficient isolated ceramic tab power SIP package. Consisting of P-Channel MOSFETs for the top transistors and N-Channel MOSFETs for the bottom transis- tors, the MSK 3001 will interface directly with most brushless motor drive IC's without special gate driving require- ments. The MSK 3001 uses M.S.Kennedy's proven power hybrid technology to bring a cost effective high perfor- mance circuit for use in today's sophisticated servo motor and disk drive systems. The MSK 3001 is a replacement for the IRFT001 with only minor differences in mechanical and electrical specifications. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS PIN-OUT INFORMATION Three Phase Brushless DC Motor Servo Control Disk Drive Spindle Control Az-EI Antenna Control

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ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS VDSS Drain to Source Voltage . . . .100V MAX VDGDR Drain to Gate Voltage VGS Gate to Source Voltage RTH-JC Thermal Resistance ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Tc Case Operating Temperature Range -55°C to + 125°C TLD Lead Temperature Range !T)This parameter is guaranteed by design (2) Resistance as seen at package pins. c3) Resistance for die only; use for thermal V4)TA = 25°C unless otherwise specified. but need not be tested. Typical parameters are representative of actual device performance but are for reference only.

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APPLICATION NOTES N-CHANNEL GATES (Q1,Q3,Q5) For driving the N-Channel gates, it is important to keep in mind that it is essentially like driving a capacitance to a sufficient voltage to get the channel fully on. Driving the gates to +15 volts with respect to their sources assures that the transistors are on. This will keep the dissipation down to a minimum level [RDS(ON) specified in the data sheet]. How quickly the gate gets turned ON and OFF will determine the dissipation of the transistor while it is transitioning from OFF to ON, and vice-versa. Turning the gate ON and OFF too slow will cause...

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MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS ALL DIMENSIONS ARE ±0.010 INCHES UNLESS OTHERWISE LABELED. ORDERING IN FORMA TION 4707 Dey Road, Liverpool, New York 13088 The information contained herein is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. MSK reserves the right to make changes to its products or specifications without notice, however, and assumes no liability for the use of its products.

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