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Filters BFL2805 - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

M.S.KENNEDY CORP. • Surface Mount Magnetics • 60dB Minimum Differential Mode Rejection at 500KHz • 5.5 Amps Throughput Current • MIL-STD-704 (A Through E) Power Bus Compatibility The BFL2805 is a high reliability EMI filter for use with BBF2800 series of DC-DC converters. This filter has been designed to reduce the input line reflected ripple current to within the limit of MIL-STD-461 C, CE03. The BFL2805 hybrid EMI filter utilizes all ceramic capacitors, surface mount magnetics and ultrasonically bonded alumi- num wires to provide reliable operation at all operating temperatures while surviving very high G forces. The stand-alone filter's internal components are all passive devices and selected to operate from input voltages up to and including the peak transient voltage. The filter therefore does not require or utilize transient supression circuitry and is compatible with the transient specification of a MIL-STD-704 type power bus. When connected to an output device, the output device must be able to operate from compatible voltages. The filter will attenuate spikes, but the duration and magnitude of the spike must be within the operating range of the filter. The 12-pin high power dip package allows connection to a heatsink, is hermetically sealed and is isolated from the internal circuits. Heat sinking is recommended for full power operation at elevated ambient temperatures. EQUIVALENT SCHEMATIC TYPICAL APPLICATIONS PIN-OUT INFORMATION Airborne Power Systems Aerospace Power Systems Vehicle Electrical Systems Ground Equipment and Test Equipment CASE GROUND OUTPUT COMMON

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Case Operating Temperature Range BFL2805H/E -55°C to +125°C BFL2805 -40°C to+85°C ○ Input Voltage Range Input Voltage Transient Voltage (any pin to case pin 9) Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (10 Seconds Soldering) ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Parameter Test Conditions Steady State Steady State Steady State Steady State Noise Reduction Output Voltage 2 Output Current This parameter is guaranteed by design but need not be tested. Typical parameters are representative of actual device performance but are for reference only. Industrial grade and "E" suffix devices...

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MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS WEIGHT = 67 GRAMS TYPICAL NOTE: ALL DIMENSIONS ARE ±.010 INCHES UNLESS OTHERWISE LABELED. ORDERING INFORM A TION BLANK = INDUSTRIAL; E = EXTENDED RELIABILITY; I-NOMINAL INPUT VOLTAGE -GENERAL PART NUMBER The above example is a Military grade 5 Amp EMI filter. 4707 Dey Road, Liverpool, New York 13088 The information contained herein is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. MSK reserves the right to make changes to its products or specifications without notice, however, and assumes no liability for the use of its products. Please visit our website for the most...

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