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DC-DC Converters BBF2803S - 11 Pages




4707 Dey Road Liverpool, N.Y. 13088


(315) 701-6751

All Ceramic Capacitors
Surface Mount Magnetics
MIL STD 461C CR03 (DC-DC Converters)
80 Volt Input Transient Tolerent
Wide Supply Range - 16V to 50V
High Isolation - 500V
High Power Density - 17W/in³
Output Voltage Adjustment - Standard
Remote Shutdown
Operates to 14V Input at 10W
Available with 3.3V, 5V, 12V and 15V Outputs
Contact MSK for MIL-PRF-38534 Qualification Status

The BBF2800S series of DC-DC converters provides the ruggedness, reliability and features required to
meet the advanced design challenges of today's hi-rel market. This has been accomplished using a package

having very low thermal gradients, excellent hermeticity and high voltage isolation. The use of advanced substrate
and reflow soldering techniques during construction results in a rugged, cost-effective pin solderable package.
The BBF2800S hybrid converter series utilizes all ceramic capacitors and surface mount magnetics to provide
reliable operation at all operating temperatures while surviving very high G forces.
BBF2800S series standard features include kelvin sense, indefinite short circuit protection, remote shutdown,
output fault monitoring, turn on voltage point adjustment, switching frequency synchronization of up to 3 units using
no external components and pi-network input filtering. An output voltage adjustment/load compensation pin is also
Fault tolerance design protects these converters from most external circuit faults. The output and output adjust
pins will withstand +35V while the shutdown and all synchronization pins will withstand +50V protecting the
converters from a variety of system or board faults, i.e. solder bridges, etc. Unique load fault protection circuitry
allows this converter to pull up loads having difficult static load line characteristics and allows short term load
excursions significantly beyond ratings in most applications.
The BBF2800 series is a current mode push-pull topology converter which operates at a switching frequency of
500KHz. Internal filtering of both input and output eliminates the need for external capacitors in many applications.
The 12-pin power dip package allows connection to a heatsink and is hermetically sealed and isolated from the
internal circuits.


8548-34 Rev. H 4/12

DC-DC Converters BBF2803S
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    EQUIVALENT SCHEMATICPIN-OUT INFORMATIONTYPICAL APPLICATIONS123456Isolated Step Down Power SupplyMicroprocessor Power SourceLow Voltage Subsystem Power...
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    ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONSBBF2803SGroup ASubgroupTest Conditions 1ParameterBBF2803SUnitsMin.Typ.Max.Min.Typ.Max.13.203.303.403.183.303.42VDC2,33.15-3.45---VDC1500-5500500-5500mA2,3500-5500---mA1-2050-2060mVrms2,3--60---mVrms1-2050-2060mArms2,3--60---mArms1-±2±20-±2±25mV2,3--±50---mV1-±1±15-±1±20mV2,3--±40---mV16166-6166-%2,358-----%IOUT=2.75A...
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    ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONSBBF2805SGroup ASubgroupTest Conditions 1ParameterBBF2805SUnitsMin.Typ.Max.Min.Typ.Max.,34.90-5.20---VDC1400-4000400-4000mA2,3400-4000---mA1-2050-2060mVrms2,3--60---mVrms1-2050-2060mArms2,3--60---mArms1-±5±25-±5±50mV2,3--±50---mV1-±2±25-±2±50mV2,3--±50---mV16572-6572-%2,358-----%IOUT=2A...
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    ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONSBBF2812SGroup ASubgroupTest Conditions 1ParameterBBF2812SUnitsMin.Typ.Max.Min.Typ.Max.112.0012.0512.1011.9512.0512.15VDC2,311.80-12.30---VDC1190-1900190-1900mA2,3190-1800---mA1-2550-2560mVrms2,3--60---mVrms1-2040-2040mArms2,3--50---mArms1-±5±50-±5±60mV2,3--±100---mV1-±5±50-±5±60mV2,3--±100---mV16774-6774-%2,358-----%IOUT=0.95A...
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    ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONSBBF2815SGroup ASubgroupTest Conditions 1ParameterBBF2815SUnitsMin.Typ.Max.Min.Typ.Max.115.0015.1015.2014.9515.1015.25VDC2,314.80-15.40---VDC1150-1500150-1500mA2,3150-1400---mA1-2550-2560mVrms2,3--60---mVrms1-2040-2040mArms2,3--50---mArms1-±10±50-±10±60mV2,3--±125---mV1-±20±50-±20±60mV2,3--±125---mV16873-6873-%2,358-----%IOUT=0.75A...
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