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motan Single units - Dosing and mixing MINICOLOR GRAVICOLOR > think materials management

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INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY WITH THE LEAST CAPITAL EXPENDITURE motan´s single units comprise a range of equipment for optimising and automating plastics processing machinery production. All units can be combined or expanded in order to satisfy increasing and changing requirements. They help the plastics processor to equip their individual machines or production cells. In the case of injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding machines, cost savings can be easily achieved with minimum outlay. Individual applications and problems are rapidly solved and may be the first steps towards a later...

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The demand for an excellent mixing quality and consistently accurate dosing is a must when combining additives with the virgin material at the processing machine. The volumetric dosing and mixing unit MINICOLOR V meets and exceeds these requirements. Mounted between the machine hopper and the feed throat of the plastics processing machine, it requires very little space. A stainless steel cruciform in the mixing neck divides the free-flowing main component into two streams of material. They flow together with the simultaneously dosed additives at the feed inlet producing a homogeneous...

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MINICOLOR - dosing process With the MINICOLOR, up to two additives in granular form can be simultaneously dosed into the free-flowing volume flow of the main material. During screwback with an injection moulding machine, dosing occurs simultaneously or continuously with the screw speed of the extruder. Mixing neck (Fig. 1) The stainless steel mixing cruciform separates the main material flow. The additive (1 or 2) is centrally dosed via screw or disc dosing. Subsequently, the components flow together ensuring a homogeneous mixing. Screw dosing (Fig. 2) The dosing motor is swivel-mounted....

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MINICOLOR G GRAVIMETRIC ADDITIVE DOSING UNITS MINICOLOR G with one dosing module Detail of load cell MINICOLOR G Compact gravimetric dosing and mixing unit for one main component and one masterbatch or additive in granular form suitable for injection moulding machines, extruders and blow moulding machines. With the GRAVInet MC control, up to two screw dosing modules can be operated. The unit is based on the well-tried MINICOLOR concept with a gravity mixing funnel guaranteeing a homogeneous material mix and eliminating separation. The dosing module for masterbatch or additive sits on a...

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MINICOLOR G with two dosing modules MINICOLOR G enables easy addition of regrind. Due to automatic calibration, the commissioning time is extremely short. The unit is insensitive to vibrations and is specially designed for mounting directly onto the feed throat of the processing machine. METRO VL / METRO VL G For automatic filling of the metering supply hopper of the M ­ INICOLOR V and MINICOLOR G, a Venturi loader can be used. T ­ he loader can be installed by replacing the supply hopper lid. The metering supply hoppers can easily be filled manually or automatically with a hopper loader or...

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Technical data * Varies with bulk density. Indicated values for masterbatch: bulk density = 0.8 kg/dm3 ** VOLU MC max. 1 dosing head METRO VL Technical data * The following items are included with delivery: 3 m material hose and a suction pipe ** The conveying capacity refers to a conveying distance of 5 m at a height of 3 m. The information refers to materials with a bulk density of 0.6 kg/dm3 Subject to technical changes • minimal additive usage • maintenance-free dosing motor • automatic regrind compensation Production reliability through • inclined dosing screw (no material trickle) •...

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GRAVICOLOR GRAVIMETRIC DOSING AND MIXING UNITS Cone-dosing motan‘s GRAVICOLOR units dose and mix up to four materials precisely and with maximum accuracy of blend. These modular gravimetric units are designed for injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion. Even with large throughputs, IntelliBlend ensures an excellent recipe accuracy. The GRAVICOLOR series forms part of the total motan range of products and systems for all stages of the manage­ ent, conditioning m and preparation of plastic granules. Build quality, plus the engineering and service standards which motan applies to all...

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Weigh bin with mixing chamber Supply hopper The stainless steel supply hoppers are of modular design; some can be removed and all are easily accessible for cleaning. The design features provide optimum flexibility for processing different materials. Installation GRAVICOLOR units can either be mounted directly onto the feed throat of the processing machine or operated as a central mixing station. In the latter case, the unit is set up on a support frame with a material hopper and suction box. Conveying All GRAVICOLOR units can optionally be equipped with an integrated conveying control which...

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GRAVICOLOR 30 MD with removable supply hopper Cleaning and material changes Fast material changes require easy access to all parts in contact with the material to ensure efficient cleaning. Hinged lids and large, removable sight glasses or removable supply hoppers enable complete and thorough cleaning of the hoppers. The large front door, the removable weigh bin and the easily accessible mixing chamber simplify cleaning at material change. All GRAVICOLOR parts in contact with material are made of stainless steel, preventing contamination of the granulate. GRAVIreport (optional) With this PC...

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Technical data Subject to technical changes YOUR BENEFITS • Documented production process (report and print function via Ethernet or serial interface) • Simple operation through colour graphic display with touch screen - no programming necessary • Recipe management • Integrated network connection (Ethernet) as standard Cost savings through • guaranteeing recipe integrity and lowest possible additive consumption using IntelliBlend • high productivity and consistent product quality • low space requirement • fast and easy material change • regrind management to prevent overdosing of...

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