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Central conveying systems for granulate

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METRO G CENTRAL CONVEYING SYSTEMS FOR GRANULATE METRO G 30I-HSS METRO G is the most comprehensive and flexible material loader range on the market. It combines the best of two established material loader ranges – colortronic and motan. Whether simple or highly complex, METRO G’s modular building block system will provide you with an individual solution tailored to your demands. A centralised conveying system offers substantial operational benefits and cost savings for plastics processors. Vacuum valve with implosion cleaning Guarantees constant and stable material conveying and reduces...

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Modular design No product redundancy - as your production requirements change so does the material loader. All material loaders are fully modular and can be matched to different throughputs and requirements depending on the application. Not only are there different material loader volumes but also different material inlet and outlet sizes which can be accurately adapted to suit throughputs and conveying distances. The option of either a glass or steel hopper body is available for most loaders. Lid mounted vacuum valve Reliable operation even when conveying with high vacuums. The cast design...

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Interchangeable material inlet flaps Optimum conveying capacity and minimum wear. The material loader inlet flaps are easily removeable, and depending on your application, can be exchanged. The flaps make sure that multiple loaders can work together properly in a system. They limit the amount of vacuum required for a group of loaders connected to a coupling station. Thus, no check valves need to be installed in the material flow at the coupling station which would result in a reduction in conveying Tangential material inlet with trumpet air outlet The ideal solution for fine or dusty...

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Stainless steel discharge flap Because the large material outlet has a discharge flap which is made of stainless steel it is abrasion resistant and meets all requirements for medical or food packaging applications. The angled design increases the outlet area and helps with materials which may bridge. Dampened discharge flap Prevents material jamming and so vacuum loss. A spring loaded damper on the discharge flap prevents the flap from completely closing when not under vacuum. During pneumatic conveying any granules left lying on the discharge flap which might get trapped are first sucked...

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METROLINK Central vacuum station Material distribution • motan’s METROCONNET U and C material distribution system provides a fast and easy method of distributing material to the machine. • Optimum security with the fully automatic METROLINK material selection and distribution system. Line purging • After each conveying cycle, thorough material line purging can be effected: - essential for the conveying of hygroscopic materials - for fast and trouble-free material changes - prevents line plugging in long vertical line segments. • Choice of purging suction boxes or individual valves. Central...

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Loader controls From simple cost effective solutions to innovative state-of-the-art controls. System controls From simple cost effective solutions to innovative state-of-the-art controls with Ethernet-based open network architecture. Three different control box options are available. • P box: a simple plug connection with all other functions accessible at the central control. • S box: status indication and an on/off switch are at the loader • X box: for integration of METRO-G loaders into existing colortronic conveying systems with status indication and an on/off switch. • C box: the most...

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Subject to technical changes. BENEFITS OF CENTRAL CONVEYING SYSTEMS • Material savings Typically, at least a 1-2% saving in raw material costs as a result of reduced spillage and contamination • Reduced materials handling labour By centralising material storage, the cost of material handling is reduced considerably • Maintenance motan centralised systems not only require less maintenance than stand-alone systems, but also have lower maintenance costs. • More space A centralised material feed system releases production floor space for additional moulding machines and results in a tidier,...

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