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motan' Single units - drying LUXOR think materials management

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INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY WITH THE LEAST CAPITAL EXPENDITURE motan´s single units comprise a range of equipment for optimising and automating plastics processing machinery production. All units can be combined or expanded in order to satisfy increasing and changing requirements. They help the plastics processor to equip their individual machines or production cells. In the case of injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding machines, cost savings can be easily achieved with minimum outlay. Individual applications and problems are rapidly solved and may be the first steps towards a later...

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LUXOR HD HOT AIR DRYERS LUXOR HD 150 Efficient, accurate material drying is a crucial element in the processing of high grade engineering plastics to ensure impeccable product quality. Cost effective, reliable and easy to use, LUXOR dryers are available ex stock with specifications to suit most applications. They can be quickly and easily installed on site, without specialist assistance. LUXOR units are designed and built to motan’s high engineering and performance standards. LUXOR HD Optimal and constant production con­ itions are ­ ssential for high d e product quality and efficient...

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LUXOR CA COMPRESSED AIR DRYERS LUXOR CA Efficient, accurate material drying is a crucial element in the processing of engineering plastics to ensure impeccable product quality. motan’s fully-insulated LUXOR CA compressed air dryers provide a cost-effective solution for highly efficient continuous drying of all types of plastic granulate with material through­ uts up to 25 kg/h. p Dryers can be mounted directly on the throat of the processing machine or on an adjacent support frame. YOUR BENEFITS • Reliability and efficiency - correct air quantity setting and display of decompressed air -...

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LUXOR CA S COMPRESSED AIR MICRO DRYERS LUXOR CA S with control attached LUXOR CA S Injection moulders making very small parts are faced with the unique challenge of being able to convey and dry just the right amount of material for their process. Operating in extremely critical production conditions, these smaller throughputs can present considerable problems. It is important to scale the drying and conveying to that of the moulding machine. The LUXOR CA S 0.75l to 5l range of compressed air micro dryers is specifically designed for small material throughputs. The range comprises of a...

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Drying bin made completely of glass Detail of dry air inlet and air diffuser Drying hopper with METRO VL venturi loader option Optimal process air – the right temperature and quality • Due to the wide temperature range (up to180°C) the LUXOR CA S drying system can be used for many different materials. Designed for clean rooms • The optional membrane dryer is emission-free. • Whether the LCA S dryer is filled automatically or manually, the exhaust air is always filtered. A ­ eparate clean room filter is s available as an option. Simple handling and user friendly • The drying bin can be...

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LUXOR COMPACT DRY AIR DRYERS MDE 40 with 1 x 60 l bin LUXOR 80 with 3 x 60 l bins LUXOR 50 with 1 x 100 l bins LUXOR Technical plastics are hygroscopic. They absorb humidity from ambient air which influences the melt in a negative way and massively affects product quality. Thanks to consistant pre-drying to a defined residual moisture with a motan LUXOR dry air dryer, production risks may be eliminated and high quality assurance is achieved. No rejects due to humidity. Reliability Plastics processors in every corner of the world rely on motan’s robust, efficient design to provide them with...

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Dry-air generator All models have twin high capacity desiccant beds to ensure continuous drying. The desiccant cartridges are made of stainless steel. The models MDE 40 and LUXOR 50/80 are fitted with a single blower for production of dry air for both the process and regeneration circuits. The LUXOR S 120/160 models have separate process and regeneration blowers. All models dry in a closed loop mode. All dryers operate with an extremely low dew point. A dew-point indicator, aftercooler and high temperature version are standard options available across most of the range. Efficiency and...

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LUXOR DRYING BINS Drying bins Drying bins are fully insulated with individual heaters and temperature setting controls. The cylindrical shape ensures uniform drying. Bins are available in a range of volume sizes, from 15 to 600 litres. Larger bins have an inspection door for ease of access and all are fitted with a sight glass. Bins can be machine mounted up to 60 litres size, or floor mounted on mobile frames. A flange for mounting a motan hopper loader is provided on all bins. Modularity All units, dryers and bins are mounted on castors for ease of movement. The combination and quantity...

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Technical data LUXOR CA S Technical data LUXOR CA Performance data * Only filled/reinforced materials are hygroscopic

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LUXOR TECHNICAL DATA Technical data * Varies with bulk density, residence time and initial moisture content. ** Material throughput per hour is lower when connected to a LUXOR S 120. *** Material throughput per hour is limited by the dry air flow rate of the LUXOR S 160. Subject to technical changes.

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