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Pulse Heated Thermode Selection Guide - 4 Pages

Pulse Heated
Thermode Selection Guide
Theory of Operation:
The resistance of the thermode to the flow of electrical current
produces the heat required to melt the solder and create the
connection. As the electrical energy flows through the thermode,
the heat generated is conducted directly to the workpiece. Since
most of the electrical current passes through the thermode, there
is little chance of electrical damage to the workpiece.
After the reflow temperature is reached and the solder has flowed
sufficiently, the current is terminated. The thermode remains in
contact with the parts just long enough for the solder to solidify.
The size and thermal properties of the workpiece directly affect
the amount of heat required. This is why thermodes incorporate
a thermocouple which provides temperature data to a closed
loop heating system (Uniflow®).
The pulse heated control performs the following functions
during the soldering process:
• Detects when the mechanical system (head) has applied the
programmed pressure of the thermode to the parts.
• Rapidly heats the thermode.
• Maintains the preset temperature for a precise time to achieve
a quality joint.

• At the end of the cooling period, the control signals the head to
retract the thermode from the parts when the joint has solidified.
The temperature of a pulse heated thermode will normally be
at ambient when it contacts the parts. A quality thermode should
be capable of heating itself and the portion of the workpiece it
contacts in a very short time. Because of its low thermal mass,
the thermode heats and cools rapidly. The amount of energy
transferred to the part by the thermode should be of the same
order of magnitude as the energy required to reflow the solder.

Thermode Selection
• Wide variety of tip shapes and sizes
• Uniform heating
• Dimensionally stable
Miyachi Unitek offers a variety of thermodes for different
applications. In order to optimize the transfer of thermal
energy from the thermode to the part, the thermode footprint should equal or exceed the size of the part. If a part
is thermally more conductive than the thermode, the thermode may not be able to reach reflow temperature.
Thermode life is dependent on set point temperature.
Brazed construction offers increased operating life.

Reflow Soldering Mounting Blocks for
Three-Dimensional Thermodes (TD)

Quick Connect Blocks (QCB)
for Thermo-Plane Thermodes

This range of thermode mounting blocks will fit on all 80, 84
and 180 series weld heads and is standard with the 87SA/24,
84SA/24 and 180SA/24. The robust design allows efficient
heat dissipation for applications with high repetition rates.
The design also facilitates efficient current transfer to the
thermode, thus allowing fast heat-up and cool-down, and
therefore the shortest process times. A nozzle for cooling air
is fitted and a cooling module can be ordered specially to fit
to the Uniflow control.

This range of thermode QCBs will fit on all Unitek EAPRO
SH80 and SH500 series weld heads.The QCB and Thermo-Plane
Thermode are designed to be used as a set. The set is ground
to optimize co-planarity resulting in the best quality of
product bonds. The set also enables fast exchange of the
Thermode in mid-production without further adjustment. The
special shaft design of the QCB guarantees repeatable
position of the thermode.
Unitek Eapro Quick
Connect Block (QCB)

45mm / 1.77"

65mm / 2.56"

105mm / 4.13"

Miyachi Unitek Mounting Blocks
The SMALL block (P/N: 17TDSB177) is standard on the 87SA/24 head.
The MEDIUM block (P/N: 17TDMB256) is standard on the 84SA/24.
The LARGE block (P/N: 17TDLB413) is standard on the 180SA/24.

Pulse Heated Thermode Selection Guide
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