Cloth Filtration for Wastewater Treatment - 8 Pages

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Cloth Filtration for Wastewater Treatment

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CLOTH FILTRATION Filtration systems with pile cloth filter media /MITA\ water technologies

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The most used tertiary filtration techniques for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants are: a) cloth filtration b) sand filtration The MITA Water Technologies cloth filtration system (both drum and disc types) is an excellent alternative to sand filtration. Thanks to the employment of special kinds of cloth it combines characteristics and advantages of both surface and deep filtration to achieve high solids removal rates. operating principle The Polstoff cloth filtration occurs by flow under gravity with the unit completely at rest. No reserve unit nor service water are...

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KEY CHARACTERISTICS • Gravity filtration with limited pressure drop • Continuous filtration, which does not necessitate any reserve units for the backwashing phase (the washing involves the disc-type sets which are washed one after another; this ensures continuity of the filtration process) • “Polstoff” free-fibres filter cloth whose key property is high mechanical strength • High filtration efficiency (TSS < 5 mg/l at discharge) • countercurrent washing of the cloth, with low energy consumption, using a suction pumping set which does not cause any aerosol formation or acoustic nuisance •...

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Cloth Filtration with Polstoff material The material coating the filter drums and discs is of the “pile” or “free-fibre” type. During the filtration phase the fibres are crushed, distorted and cross-wound to form a panel which is very efficient for the separation and retention of suspended sludge, in a similar manner to the deep filtration typical of sand filters. During the suction and backwash process the fibres are raised inside the suction device, in such a manner that the solids, previously captured, can be readily removed by the counter-current water flow. This filtration technique...

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TF SERIES DRUM FILTERS PEC - PEC VM SERIES DISC FILTERS In the TF series the cloth support is provided by a perforated sheet steel drum. This model is employed for tertiary wastewater treatment plants of low capacity (up to approx. 2.000 equivalent inhabitants). It is moreover the type of filter generally used for secondary wastewater treatment downstream of fixed growth biological systems. It is available in versions suitable for installation in concrete tanks or in metal tanks, complete with electric control panels. In the PEC - PEC VM series the washing of the (filter) cloth is effected...

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• Made of AISI 304 stainless steel • Backwash system with submersible pump • Compact solution, with low hydraulic profile • Containing tank with flat bottom • Free fibers filtering media • High efficiency in TSS removal < 5 mgTSS/l at the outlet • easy access to the utilities • Minimum maintenance. PECV-VM SERIES The filter solution model PECV-VM is suitable for small-to-medium installations and is an especially flexible and reliable answer to the needs of plants that are poorly supervised with high and very variable loads. The largest model of this series has the maximum disc number of 6,...

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TECHNICAL DATADrum series Model* Available both for concrete and metallic tank installation * Available both for concrete and metallic tank installation

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