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Adjustable Thermostat,Temperature Limiter

Features KTR1RTR1

Ζ Broad range of applications and electrical loads Excellent temperature response
֖ Temperature and current-sensitivity Good heat transfer characteristics
֖ Suitable for convection and surface mounting DESCRIPTIONTHERMOSTAT KTR1 A cyclically operating switch, responding to temperature and switchingbetween two adjustable values.Response temperature can be selected
from 20C to 260ںC.KTR1 93410, 93301, 93305, 92480, 92485 ROOM THERMOSTAT RTR1 Thermostat for space heating which, due to the form of its bimetal ele-ment, has higher sensitivity and a small reset differential of max.4C.
Temperature setting is selectable from 0-60ںCRTR1 92671 THERMAL CHANGE-OVER SWITCH KTW1 Thermostat which can break one circuit and simultaneously make ano-ther contact when it switchesKTW1 92476 TEMPERATURE LIMITER KTB1 Temperature limit device with manual reset
KTB1 91271 TEMPERATURE-CURRENT-CONTROL KTSR With additional current sensitivity, which utilises the current flow to givereduced switching hysteresisKTSR 93410 APPLICATIONS These thermostats can be used for control or as a limiter in all kinds ofheating equipment, for example cooker plates, irons, toasters, driers,
ovens, convectors, oil-radiators, water heaters, ironing machines, grills
etc.For use in consumer applications (heating), it is advantageous to increa-se sensitivity by providing thermal feedback. >
1000-Y186 M icrotherm I nternational C ooperation size="-1">

Adjustable Thermostat
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    Thermostat KTR1 93410 Thermostat with adjustable spindle Thermostat with fixed spindle Specification example Specification example see page 5X3X5XB1XXXXX...
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    Space-Heating Thermostat RTR1 92671 Temperature/current controlTemperature/current control with bottom plate Specification example Specification example...
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    THERMAL CHANGE-OVER SWITCHKTW1 92476TEMPERATURE LIMITER KTB1 91271 Technical Data Nominal voltage250V, 50-60 HzCurrent rating10A cos ϕ 1.0(on request)16A...
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    Customisation Options Version Item 1. Identifier Description Stop collar for 6mm spindle A short X long ...
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    Special Versions KTR 93305 , KTR 92480 Technical Data Nominal voltage Current rating Control range Life expectancy  2-hole fixing...
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