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eddyNCDT 3300
PS300/12/5 Power supply
input 100 - 240VAC, output ±12VDC / 5.2VDC; integrated cable 1.5m; for max 4x DT3300
PS2010 Power supply for top-hat rail mounting; for max 4x DT3301; input 115 / 230VAC selectable; output 24VDC/2.5A
MC25 Micrometer calibration fixture
division 2/jm, adjustable offset (zero); for sensors with measuring range <22mm
MC2.5 Micrometer calibration fixture
MBC300 Mounting base for controller DT330x; fixing through M4 threaded holes 166x108x60mm
MCT304-SM Tower for max 4 controller DT3300; supply 100-240 VAC
MCT304(01) Tower for max 4 controller DT3301; supply 11 -32 VDC
ECx Sensor cable, length selectable up to x<15m
ECx/90 Sensor cable with 90° connector (sensor-sided) length selectable up to x<15m
ECx/1 Extension cable for solder connection
ECx/2 Extension cable with miniature triax connector
SCA3/5 Signal cable analogue, 3m
SCA3/5/BNC Signal cable analogue with BNC connector, 3m
SCD3/8 Signal cable digital (switch input/output), 3m (also for supply 11 - 32VDC); for DT3301
SIC3(07) Signal cable with BNC-Connector
for direct operation with oscilloscope
PSC30 Power / Synchronisation cable 0.3m, for DT3300 ESC30 Synchronisation cable 0.3m, for DT3301
Product range eddy current sensors
eddyNCDT 3010 Low-Cost single channel system
for industrial applications
eddyNCDT 3300 Intelligent eddy current system for very precise measurements
eddyNCDT 3700 Compact eddy current OEM system
for differential measurements
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Eddy current sensors - series eddyNCDT 3300
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    eddyNCDT 3300 Cable - dimensions and specifications ECx/90 sensor cable with 90° connector (sensor-sided) Length selectable up to xsl5m ...
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    12 Target size of eddy current sensors Type ES: Measuring spot = 1.5x sensor diameter ES (shielded sensor) Measuring spot = 1.5x sensor...
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    13eddyNCDT 3300Typical ApplicationsEddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon have many possible areas of application. High measurement accuracy and cut-off...
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    14 eddyNCDT Typical applications
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    Eddy curreril sensors fr. xnMicro-Eps ilon are being и; ce io lest merrijic In lowina fmp<Z^fH oleine Wartha sijndere.lremeenc...
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